Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Government can't reduce Mass Shootings and Gun Violence, "that human beings have to fix"?

To avoid effective gun regulation, Republicans have focused all their energy on mental health treatment. Or so they wanted us to think. That ended abruptly when Republicans were asked to prove their case.

Note: Republicans want to make it perfectly clear they are not proposing mental health solutions for gun violence AFTER a mass shootings. Got that? It's always good to wait...
Rep. Paul Tittl, chairman of the Assembly’s mental health committee ... said a package of mental health bills that he and other Republican lawmakers and advocates unveiled was part of a years long push to improve mental health services and not a response to the shootings this month in Texas and Ohio that left 31 people dead.

“We have cared all along about mental health,” Tittl said. “This is not a reaction at all to any of the shootings. This is basically a reaction to what we’re working on.” 
Lie finally Revealed at fake stall tactic to do nothing at all: I could have searched out so many more past comments but you get the idea. Republicans latched onto this excuse because the press never confronted them about how phony their argument was; only 3 to 5 percent of gun violence has anything to do with mental health. Even worse, Republicans were making getting health insurance more difficult and unaffordable.

The Truth; Republicans were lying, again: Suddenly, Republicans realized they were already "throwing more money at the problem," so it's time to move on I guess:
WPR: The Republican leader of the state Assembly said Thursday GOP lawmakers won't vote to increase state mental health funding as a means of combating gun violence in Wisconsin ... GOP lawmakers have for months countered Democratic arguments for expanding background checks and instating a red-flag law with the possibility of increasing state mental health resources and programs. They have argued that mental health crises are often the root cause of shootings.
"We have already done a lot on mental health. I think there’s a lot of things that play into what’s happening. It isn’t as simple as snapping our fingers and putting more money into a problem." - Republican Speaker Robin Vos
After the fact Punishment, No Prevention. Get this...Robin Vos thinks government is not controlled by "human beings."
"An awful lot of these (shootings) come from a young person who’s in an incredibly bad place, either suicidal, lonely, disconnected ... ...those are things that human beings have to fix, governments not going to do it." 

Rest Easy, Republicans have a Plan: Vos admits, people will die, but those who commit crimes will be appropriately punished.

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  1. Because in Robin Vos World, the function of Republican-dominated government is to further enrich the already-rich by stealing from the rest of the populace, and his tool is "legislation."