Sunday, August 18, 2019

Vos' power grab dream of veto-proof control over Democratic Governor...

Republicans have successfully convinced fellow conservative voter's that this miserable, troubled, complicated, frustrating, and convoluted life they've constructed is normal, and if you're a real American, you'll tough it out. 

Republican projection has revealed their dystopian endgame. Liberals aren't the ones who think government has all the answers, it's fascist thinking Republicans and their cultist Trump followers. Using time-consuming mazes like our health care system and paycheck-to-paycheck middle-class frustration, struggles, and resentment, they want to keep the masses just too busy and distracted to hold politicians accountable.

The GOP is now teaming up with the lawsuit mill The Institute of Law and Liberty to challenge everything Gov. Evers and AG Josh Kaul try to do by taking them to the conservative activist State Supreme Court, to cancel out any possible change in their agenda.

Which naturally brings me to Republican Rep. Robin Vos.

My Trumpian friend in Milwaukee called me the other day and said he thought Vos went too far when he said he wanted a veto-proof majority. It's got to be bad when a big Walker/Trump supporter says he's had enough of this arrogant bullshit. Note: My friend thought Vos was pushing "legislation" that would give Republicans a veto-proof majority. Would I kid you?:

Vos said at a forum organized by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce that his goal is to grow the number of Republicans from the current 63 to 67. That would be enough to override vetoes by Democratic Gov. Tony Evers.
Were Republican voters demanding a veto-proof supermajority and total control of the state, or unlike Vos, were they more concerned with...:

-the shocking number of contaminated wells in the state?

-our crumbling roads?

-the outrageous cost of health care?

-turning away hundreds of millions of our federal dollars for Medicaid?

-underfunding schools and the UW?

-a serious lack of rural broadband internet?

-the dramatic loss of family dairy farms?

-the loss of local government control?

-tax cuts for already multi-million dollar corporations instead of startups?

-the Walker Foxconn handout that is now estimated to cost taxpayers $290,000 per job?

-all the other stuff I didn't include?

These are all problems that oddly, Scott Walker and the Republicans ignored over the last 8 years. I'm hoping Vos' arrogance will finally change some minds, but I'm not going to hold my breath.


  1. Everything comes down to power and money for Napoleon. There is no concept of improving the state for the everyday citizen, nor does he even care to think about that.

    Old Reagan Youth are the worst...

  2. The Republican Party line is gerrymandered maps don't matter.

    Each lie seems more audacious than the last.

    Even with gerrymandered maps, Republicans pour dark money money into races. American Federation for Children (AFC) Action Fund, Wisconsin Committee and other front groups routinely dump $10,000s in swing races.

    The Democratic Party needs to appeal to rural voters and your partial list of issues is exactly what needs to be emphasized, along with water.

    Walker and the Republicans effectively used existing grievances and resentments.

    We need to do the same:

    Lying Republican politicians getting paid with your money are ripping off hard-working Wisconsinites.

    Throw the bums out. In 2020, vote for anyone except for Republicans.

    That a message we need, and the GOP is better with messages than Dems.