Sunday, April 28, 2019

Trump's "P.T. Barnum" circus like presidency baffles Democrats!!!

This is just a short cathartic post on the current situation facing the Democratic Party right now. I'll start with a great jumping off point that I hope will help me connect a few points.

The biggest problem facing Democrats is Trump's "P.T. Barnum" wall of boastful rhetoric and lies:

Republicans have long believed that if only the economy held up, President Donald Trump could win a second term. Following another spate of positive economic news — and without a cohesive economic message of their own — many Democrats are starting to fear he might.
Most of Trump's chaotic and disturbing shoot-from-the-hip policy decisions will more than likely hurt the U.S.'s longer term social and economic health, a point not on the media radar right now because everything if fine right now. 

Where is Obama? To answer the question in the headline above: Obama never tooted his own horn, letting Republicans reframe the recovery from their own Great Recession as too "slow." Right now Obama should be passing out a list of policies he can point to that helped build the ecomony we have today so candidates can contrast that with Trump's lack of direction.

Republicans get Media Coverage, Democrats not so much: Having had my own radio talk show in a career that spanned 24 years, I know personally how the media works and how it thinks. The titlewave of conservative talk wiped out my radio time slot after Vicki Mckenna was inserted as cohost by management, eventually taking control of topics and guests. They asked if I was interested in filling in, but declined. Probably shouldn't have done that.

And then I saw this today...

News media continues to invite in and cover every word of every Republican willing to spout utter nonsense, invites you never get to see with Democrats, especially at the time Republicans were in the majority.

The lie that Republicans are being silenced is breathtakingly ridiculous. Look around and you won't see Democrats being interviewed on conservative talk radio and television anywhere. They actually want to block the Democratic message, and it's another reason the media continues to claim Democrats lack an agenda, because no one is talking to them. 

From my own personal experience, I've been blocked by conservative radio talk hosts on Facebook and Twitter sites (McKenna and Sykes). Even my conservative Trumpian friend in Milwaukee blocked my comments to his insane Facebook rants because his friends complained they didn't want to see them. Seriously, I'm not exactly a flame thrower over here. That's how walled off conservative Trumpian Republicans are right now, and they like it.

Democrats have come a long way though, like Rep. Ron Kind and Sen. Tammy Baldwin's focus on dairy farmers and the problems in rural communties. James Rowen's Political Environment has added dairy farm issues as a major topic to follow. We're getting there.

That's it, just had to get this off my list of things to say.

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