Friday, April 26, 2019

Immigrant workers force Employers to exploit and abuse them, invite depressed wages? Ron Johnson thinks so.

How easy is for Republicans to simply vilify every immigrant working hard in the country employed by American businesses who know what they're doing?

Where would Republicans be without a Villian? Dumb Ron Johnson made an interesting comment on Upfront. I highlighted the offending comment:
Johnson: "It's people coming into this country illegally, living in the shadows that depress wages. They're the ones that can be abused by their employers, so it has to be a legal process." 
See that, Johnson simply made the "shadowy" immigrants the ones be "abused," they are the villians here, and oddly not the abusive businesses paying depressed wages. They can't help themselves. So in Johnson's scrambled mind businesses are off the hook, and it's those mmigrant workers who are making their employer abuse them.

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