Thursday, February 2, 2023

Children on Front Line as DeSantis uses them for Nationwide Culture War on Education!

The last few days were exhausting perusing Twitter. Was it possible our world was devolving into...Bizarro World, or perhaps...

Bizarro MAGA Social Engineering: The frightening thing? MAGAs culture war has infect everything. If Wisconsin didn't have a Democratic governor, Vos Republicans would be doing the same scary nonsense. What started as a don't say gay law has expanded to mean everything and anything: 

Of course, MAGAs insist in tweets that this is a liberal lie...

Even worse...

Parents Bill of Rights? Sounds great huh? My own interaction with my son's teachers provided a shocking revelation; the teachers were smarter than me and creative, and my guys were learning important things that I was completely unaware of. So how do parents know what's best, especially when they going by their own very dated experience in school? To this day, my kids are still a wealth of information.

The bottom line is this; MAGAs have very low expectations of their own kid's mental awareness and development, undermining what they're capable of doing. 

Ridiculous "Students aren't Ready Yet:" From the Bulwark, Margaret McMullan destroyed the idea that students aren't ready for those frightening "woke" knowledgeable ideas:
I wish the book banners and the anti-CRT folk could read these student essays and see for themselves how young people process, understand, and, often, overcome life’s traumas and injustices.

Here were younger students (7th-12th grade) wrestling with major depression. They were frustrated with the mindlessness of virtual learning. Many had no one to talk to. They wrote about domestic abuse, reconsidering one’s gender, dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, figuring out reasons to live, being deported as a new immigrant, racism, and coming out to their parents. They also wrote about getting COVID and surviving a shooting. These students were grappling with life’s biggest challenges, often involving life or death.

A volunteer mother told me she lived through a historical moment and regretted her actions. That regret changed her, and she volunteered to host me and other authors to visit schools to teach students about civil rights. This woman’s shame and regret is exactly what Republicans want to avoid in classrooms across the nation.

And to the owners of private school and MAGA Republican supporters sending taxpayer dollars to support choice schools, well, heed these words by DeSantis about future STATE control over education if they don't like what you're teaching...:

"If it was a private school, making those choices, that’s fine, I mean, what are you going to do,” DeSantis' said. “But this is paid for by your tax dollars.”

What is CRT now? Does it teach children white skin is not equal to black skin and other things? 

DeSantis trashes Academic Freedom

...and how about this direct threat to the press...

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