Sunday, October 9, 2022

The MAGA week...and they want to be in charge?

There are so many stories, and so many important points to make, yet nothing I can say says it better than those who blindly open their traps...



From "Rigged" elections to an equivalent "Fixed" elections? Again, they're telling us in no uncertain terms what will happen. In other words, the fix is in:

When Justice Thomas targeted Gay Marriage, MAGAs went further: Conservative media is already making this argument, amazingly:



MAGA Racism behind "All lives Matter:" Post racial? To MAGAs, this is what makes America Great:

Ron Johnson's Social Security is "CANDY" statement: What the media won't report is how just one or two words, even a sentence, will be used to reject renewing Social Security, not just MAGA poison pill amendments. Again, SS is a pay-as-you-go program that doesn't use tax dollars. Could anything be more clearly stated by Johnson? 

Socialist Hating MAGA Republicans Beg for Socialist Job Creating Money: See, it's this easy...:

Proud Supporters of Trump...going down with that ship: The video tells the story...

Authoritarianism: MAGAs don't have to Anwer Questions: Sen. Cruz' reaction doesn't make MAGA Republicans rethink their vote, because it can only get worse:

The Problem with Jon Stewart...: I wish the media could get as close this line of questioning as possible. 

Liberals Directed Hurricane Ian to Hurt Gov. DeSantis: You can't make this stuff up...yet someone did: 

The DeSantis Photo OP Halts Ian Relief Help: Yup!
Illegals handing out Halloween Fentanyl Candy?
Say it ain't so.  The interviewer handles it perfectly:

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