Monday, October 31, 2022

MAGA Weekly: Bible trashes Liberals! What's next for MAGAs, ordering hits? Blood Drinking Left.

Van Orden says it's a Bible principle, Leftists hate this Country: Tavern touring Derrick Van Orden is out there talking to the people and farmers but doesn't seem to be aware of their biggest concerns. Any solutions? Odd huh?

The Bible tells us so...MAGA not a Religious Cult? Trump is our divine intervention... 

MAGA Death Squads Quietly being Recruited: What do Guns have to do with Firing Pelosi? It's not that Rep. Ween is definitely suggesting shooting a member of Congress, but he says he can do that because a lone gunman attacked Rep. Steve Scalise. 

MAGAs pushing Punishment of Death: Imagine this message a year from now? Nancy Pelosi committed treason for holding office for so long? Don't tell Chuck Grassley:

Liberal Elites Drink Childrens Blood: Watching the amazing mental decline of conspiracy nut Lara Logan has been almost surreal. But with messaging like this, added to MAGA gun election ads suggesting there are other ways to "win" an election, can't wait the dystopian 2024 dueling challenges:

Political Leaders deciding Women's health: Dr. Oz made it very clear women's issues, including health, are sadly up to men now: 

Michael Flynn never would have allowed that COVID nonsense: I've said over and over, for MAGAs, COVID wasn't real or a reason for inflation. It was a liberal global plot:

Under MAGAs, Uncle Sam relegated to cheap side-show Trump entertainment: How far he has fallen...


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