Wednesday, October 19, 2022

MAGA Weekly: Lazy Covid Checks, Trump Capitol Riot, FBI Setup, Climate denial, Crime and Violence in Red States, etc.

1. Michels: "COVID checks...that's how they got Lazy!" Like getting economic help during a pandemic was the worst we can do. MAGAs won't spend money on us, it's wrong?

2. Michels: "I haven't seen any evidence, Donald Trump said "Go to the Capitol now and storm it..." Okay, maybe not those exact words but...Michels: "making Donald Trump look bad with all these hearings..." is pretty ridiculous. 

3. Ron Johnson set up by FBI (don't laugh, he means it): The crowd at the debate should have been the MAGA reaction, but wasn't:

4. "Why has he turned against America" nothing like hating America now and promising to Make America Great Again? 

5. Michels: "A lot of discussion about that..." The West is drying up, Hurricanes wiping out sections of states, yup, no problem. 

6. MAGA somehow rationalizes voting for "shitty candidates." Wow, smart argument:

7. Crime and Violence NOT Dems, but MAGA Republicans after all: We've seen the charts...Now you can hear the data...

8. Fighting MAGA War on Women's Rights Fading? They think so, but it's only getting worse... then this happens...body shaming: 

9. MAGA Groomers ya think? Let's call it what it is, projection:

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