Friday, May 6, 2022

Delegitimized Republican Supreme Court throws democracy into Chaos...

A few thoughts I'm surprised reporters aren't even just a little curious about:

1. American Union: Like the Soviet Union, Republicans are working toward a group of satellite republics under one authoritarian government, helped now by a politically radical Supreme Court, who will now turn federal law over to the states. 

Each state will be independent, and the Supreme Court is now positioned to make this happen. I'm not making this up. Remarkably, former presidential candidate Scott Walker revealed the plan in March of 2016:  

I’d like to take huge chunks of the federal government and send it back to the states. For years people have talked about Medicaid—that’s a good start, to block grant that. But I’d take major social service programs, I’d take transportation and infrastructure, workforce and development, environmental protection, and heck I’d take education and instead of spending each of those down from Washington where the federal government skims off huge chunks of money and sends pennies on the dollar back to the state governments, why not keep those dollars back in the states where states can be more effective, more efficient, and certainly be held accountable to the hardworking taxpayers?
Right now, at the federal level, we have a federal government that’s too big to fail. We need a government that’s small enough to succeed. 

From Walker's mouth to your ears: 

2. Did Republicans just Purge Women from the labor force? Despite a growing labor shortage and a decline in birth rates, forced childbirth will push many out of the workplace.  

3. If Republicans Dissolved and privatized the Postal Service, this would happen: Sure, the Postal Service is protected in the First Amendment, but Republicans tried like hell to make it go away. That would have made it even easier to do this...

I know, how can a state ban mail delivery? But they'll try, and then take it to the right-wing activist Supreme Court, already delegitimized by the Roe decision among others. 

4. Businesses Step Up: The reason for overturning Roe will result in a never-ending avalanche of insane laws put forth by the party of small government. In a surprise move that you're sure to see made illegal soon by red states everywhere...

It's also a growing corporate movement...

Prominent companies have already taken political and financial stands against the erosion of reproductive rights. The case is one of the court's most controversial cases in decades — so much so that the highly charged and personal debate over a right to an abortion is spilling over into the corporate sphere.

Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), Bumble (BMBL), Citigroup (C), Levi Strauss (LEVI), Match Group (MTCH), and Yelp (YELP) reimburse travel expenses incurred to obtain abortion care that's legally unavailable within their home state.

Meanwhile, Salesforce (CRM) is offering to pick up moving expenses for its employees who live in a state with an abortion ban exceeding that of Roe, and move to another without such restrictions.

And Uber (UBER) and Lyft (LYFT) adopted similar policies that reimburse their drivers for legal fees to defend lawsuits in the event that they are accused of aiding and abetting an illegal abortion.

Final note...

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