Sunday, May 22, 2022

The Republican Convention of Victimhood and Unaccountability!

One of the most striking reasons for conservative radicalization is the total lack of accountability for making ridiculous claims and manufacturing a whole list of ridiculous culture war "threats" to real Americans. 

Oddly, Republicans are never confronted or questioned about their wacky claims by their drooling voters. This in turn allows Republicans to play the victim. 

At the recent GOP convention in Middleton, Ron Johnson whined that he was the victim of the media trashing his lies and outright bizarre comments. That victim mentality, victimhood, is the foundation of GQP politics now. JSOnline: 

Johnson: "It’s not fun having your integrity attacked, lied about, falsely accused day in and day out. It’s not fun."

Johnson topped that tearful pout with this surreal theory that conveniently wipes clean Trump's mishandling of the COVID pandemic. Democrats "utilized" Trump dare they:

"There were people inside the administration who utilized the pandemic to defeat a sitting president," Johnson said.

As if there ever was a deadly GLOBAL virus (not just in the US) in the first place. The left made it up. But this is a "hard cold fact" for the right wing. Heaven forbid Democrats run on the Trump COVID debacle: 

And while the convention was an angry fever-swamp of resentment, hate, and vilification for everyone not Republican, Johnson realized he had them in his manipulative hands...

"I don’t know about you, (but) aren’t you tired of the anger? Aren’t you tired of the divide?" Johnson said.

It's really obvious to everyone but sheeple WI Republicans:

Ben Wikler, chairman of the state Democratic Party, said it was ridiculous for Johnson to blame others... "I can tell that Senator Ron Johnson is tired of accountability," Wikler told reporters.

So, the gathering of happy Republicans, who are just tired of the anger and the divide, did show unity in the face of the liberal left. Like overturning the election...:

You can believe whatever you want. Of course, everybody is free to speak their mind on the right..

Vos: "We're the party of free speech, we're not the party of cancel culture." 

So, cancel culture is not a part of the WI Republican Party? Wait for it...

At the convention, "cancel culture" was still a big vote getter: 

Just over 36% of delegates voted to approve the resolution calling on Vos to resign or be removed from office. The resolution calling for rescinding Biden's electors, which numerous attorneys have said is not legally possible, drew support from 40% of delegates.

The Republican conspiracy swamp, where anything is possible and everything is true, is a problem of their own creation. Former Republican Jeff Flake nailed the reason why all of this shit is sticking to the wall now: 

"We're changing what it means to be an elected official in a representative government...many of my colleagues will say they are simply - in going along with these conspiracy theories or buying into the big lie, that they are just representing their constituents and that that's somehow noble of them when that really runs against what representative government is supposed to beAnd that's just been a cop-out for people in my party. Too many will say they're representing their constituents when they ought to tell their constituents, you're wrong. And that's a big problem when you have too many party people willing to indulge their constituents if their constituents truly believe that, when in truth, they simply reinforce these beliefs." Jeff Flake

Christian Nation Coming: Here's how Rebecca Kleefisch wants Christianity as the basis for government policy:
In arguing against same-sex civil unions, she said, "This doesn't just have roots in the Bible. This has roots in fiscal common sense."
"(she was ) circulating a flier saying that, if elected, she would be "relying on the wisdom and faith she has in Jesus."
It's not a coincidence that the possible repeal of Roe v Wade sparked this response just days after. Imagine where the Christian right will be in a few years:


There's a reason I haven't blogged as much lately. After Trump, I thought there might be break from the constant 4 or 6 insane stories a day. Instead, every Republican became Trump, or worse. 

What is true about Republicans, is that things will only get worse, and every punishment they can levy in legislation will spread nationwide. Which is why I am including this comment from a Trump backed candidate for state representative in Michigan, as a peek into the future:

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