Monday, January 24, 2022

WI Republican Rep. Behnke wants to cheat like Democrats (who aren't cheating).

Let's get this liberal "entitlement" bullshit out of the way. Republicans say the Democratic agenda is filled with "entitlements" that make Americans dependent. Projection again.

Hey Republicans, Video/Audio is a Bitch: Listening to a secretly recorded meet up with constituents, I was struck by the sense of entitlement spewing from these cultists' mouths.

Entitled Christian Right: Apparently, GOP voters think they were chosen by God to defend America. In the video below, you'll hear a number of self-righteous Trumpian comments...

"So as a Christian, God-fearing man..."    "...(this) needs God-fearing people like us to defend the republic..."    "'ve got a Christian obligation as a man to do the right thing."

Republican Rep. Elijah Behnke thinks Democrats cheated, so...? But since they didn't

Behnke: "There's always somebody that's going to cheat...let's cheat like the Democrats do."

Of course, a few God-Fearing Christian conspiracy theorists at the Capitol know what's best. They want a...

"...full forensic audit, by our rights, because you guys have the "privilege" to work for us, I mean we are literally your bosses.

"...Who's controlling the DA?"        "...This is treason."       "...If you don't think this justice system ain't broke, you've got another thing comin." 

Here's my favorite cliched word salad ever...oddly focused on being molested. Who thinks like this?

"What's happening is treason and subversion of all of us. You've been molested, we've all been molested, here, okay. Your inalienable rights have been trampled upon, and that requires recompense. So that should go to tell you what thype of situation this nation has been. We're no longer a free people man, we haven't been free. 

Here's the 5 minutes edited version with all the best moments:

Rep. Elijah Behnke, R-Oconto, anewly minted Republican lawmaker told a group of visitors to his state Capitol office that Republicans need to “cheat like the Democrats or bend the rules” to win upcoming elections.  He also calls Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, a “swamp creature” and threatens to punch Democratic Gov. Tony Evers in a wide-ranging 27-minute video posted Thursday in which he appears to be speaking with people espousing debunked election conspiracies about the 2020 presidential election.

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