Sunday, January 23, 2022

WI GOP Platform 2022: 1. New Protected Class: "Unvaccinated!"

They're targeting school kids, our children, pushing the other big lie; vaccines are simply optional, and suggesting loudly that people can ignore a pandemic. Radical much? 

Even worse, State Senator Andre Jacque, who was strapped to a ventilator for a few weeks is now inviting kids to share in his experience apparently.

What? A New Protected Class, the "Unvaccinated:"
Republicans are pushing an insane piece of legislation that will allow people to sue school districts   could eventually do away with mandated vaccines like polio, Hepatitis B, measles etc.
Senate Bill 336, would bar discrimination based on vaccine status ... schools and universities would be prohibited from excluding students because of their vaccination status. The bill does not repeal provisions in state law that require children enrolling in school to first get vaccinations against diseases
Even though the legal contradiction is obvious, who cares...check out this upside-down explanation: 
Bill author Sen. Andre Jacque, R-De Pere, said because the bill does not repeal the school immunization requirements, and because parents have the option of obtaining a waiver from meeting them, the legislation should not conflict with the state's vaccination rules. "We must also make it a priority to ensure that laws are in place to protect those who choose not to receive one or more vaccines," Jacque, who endured weeks on a ventilator last year while recovering from COVID-19.
Huh? For those in the real world...
The bill would create a separate provision in state law ... School districts would then be responsible for enforcing the state's vaccine requirements for students while being banned from denying admission or participation to students because of what vaccinations they have received. 
In other words, 
A provision in the bill says "no rule may discriminate for or against any person by reason of sex, race, creed, color, sexual orientation, national origin or, ancestry, or vaccination status. That provision appears to bar any attempt to enforce any administrative rules establishing vaccination requirements." (Montana passed similar legislation in 2021, but the bill exempted the state's immunization requirements.)
One Republican is still calling the FDA-approved vaccines "experimental."  THIS is governing, Republican-style: 
CapTimes: State Sen. Mary Felzkowski-R used the term "experimental drug" to describe various vaccines. “Reuters, in a fact check last year, found that to be not true. All COVID-19 vaccines have also been approved by the FDA.

Republican Revelation: "You physically cannot see the Virus:" Read it for yourself. Again, this is called governing:

Rep. Treig Pronschinske“If you can’t see the virus if you can’t see anything, how are you going to do it? How can you stop it? How? You physically cannot see the virus, you don’t know if it is in this room or if it’s outside. Or if it even exists right now in here. You have no clue. How are you going to stop that?”
MEME Candidate Kleefisch Panders...COVID infection is a personal choice people should make for themselves...and other people. Hey, no urgency here:
A spokesman for Rebecca Kleefisch, currently the only prominent Republican in the governor's race, said Kleefisch "is opposed to COVID-19 vaccine mandates" when asked if Kleefisch would sign the bill into law.

"She made the decision to get vaccinated and encourages others to get vaccinated if that is the right choice for them, however she believes that that decision is best left up to individuals to make on their own,"

...see what I mean:


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