Sunday, January 2, 2022

Meme Candidate Rebecca Kleefisch has got Law Enforcements Back...against COVID?

The silly season already? When it comes to the upcoming 2022 governor's race, pundits love to analyze the "horserace," which again dramatically undercuts the whole reason we have elections; what are their policies. 

Today's best TV news interviewers never touched the issues...WISN's Adrienne Pederson and Matt Smith, editor JR Ross, and WKOW's A.J. Bayatpour.

COVID Exposed the lack of Governing! The pandemic exposed almost every societal weakness ignored by Republicans, like depleted educational funding, refusal to deal with health care problems, and vital high-speed broadband. 

Oddly, Republicans approved a $2 billion tax cut that solved nothing, I ran across this public health crisis-related article...
Kristine Coshun’s 22-year-old son Collin was on the floor, screaming, crying and vomiting repeatedly. There was nothing she could do. They ended up waiting more than 16 hours in the waiting room of Froedtert Pleasant Prairie Hospital. They never did see a doctor. Patients were being treated in hallways. The long-term lack of aid and educational incentives that could have led to more American doctors and nurses being trained and working now, and a shortage of emergency-care hospitals compared to China, which built hospitals in record time specifically to care for COVID patients.

After cult-crazy Republicans decided not to even offer a platform in 2020, they came up with a list of completely fabricated nonsensical grievances they created and now promise to fix.

Exhibit A- The Meme Candidate Rebecca Kleefisch: Dopey to the point of embarrassment, Kleefisch's meme-generated agenda plays well nowadays. And don't count on conservative voters to complain either, they're too busy bragging about how they don't have the time to follow politics.  

It became pretty obvious Kleefisch only read the headline, like almost all Trumpian cultists. 

She has their back when it comes to...COVID-related deaths? 

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, 479 officers died in 2021. The majority, 322, died from or with COVID-19. The next highest cause of death was gun-related, with 61 dying from gunfire and inadvertent gunfire. The FOP reports that 836 officers died this year from or with COVID-19, based on a compilation of news reports, which it states haven’t all been verified.

Of course, you can draw a straight line from lax gun laws to gun-related officer deaths, the second leading cause, and another problem created by firearm frenzied Republican gun cult:

According to FBI data, 70 law enforcement officers were fatally wounded in 2021, with 25 being victims of unprovoked attacks. Felonious deaths accounted for a 55.8% increase in the first 11 months of 2021, the FBI reports, with southern states reporting the most of these deaths.

In 2021, unprovoked attacks continued to outpace all other circumstances of felonious officer deaths, the FBI found.
But Becky's got their back, except in Milwaukee where Republicans continue to cut shared revenue, which directly results in cuts to the number of police officers.

MEME Candidate Kleefisch #2 - CRT? Headline reading Becky can't even get the fabricated outrage right. Keep in mind, actual CRT is also another nonexistent problem she promises to solve:

Meme Candidate Kleefisch - All Meme, All the Time: Here's a disturbing clip from Upfront that sums up all the memes Kleefisch will spend 4 years focusing on: 

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