Thursday, October 28, 2021

Vos-Republicans admit again, No more money for schools! They shift tax hikes to local Referendums!

 Around September 25th 2021, Vos stripped away all his bullshit and let it rip...

Robin VosThrowing even more money at the problem will not fix it. Evaluating curriculum, academic testing and allowing parents to be a part of the conversation are real solutions Legislative Republicans will continue to fight for in the classroom.”
Fast forward to now, October 27th, after another bold and very clear confirmation that school funding is never going to happen under Republican rule:

Rep. Janel Brantjen: "The amount of money that we spend on education in this state, probably one of the highest out of all 50 states...

Democrats warned when Gov. Scott Walker cut education funding, the effects would be felt sometime in the future. That future is here:
Wisconsin’s educational decline, meanwhile, has not occurred in a vacuum. During the last decade the state drastically reduced resources for public schools, starting with former Gov. Scott Walker’s biggest cuts to school funding in state history in 2012
So, this confirms what we have been trying to tell conservative voters, "Funding schools" isn't really a thing, but it did result in another Vos-Republican tax cut that local voter's will backfill with another referendum to increase their own taxes. 😡 They never seem to get tired of that game.

After the gerrymandered Republican majority squandered a huge projected state revenue surplus on a $3.4 billion tax cut. $408 million of that became a property tax cut instead of an investment in our public schools: "...what appears to be an increase in state education funding but is actually a property tax cut."

It was expected that cuts to education and a lack of progress would be blamed on school administrators and teachers, and not the politicians who made things worse. Still, angry fed-up voters keep voting for angry Republicans complaining about public schools. 
“It is disingenuous and it borders on open deception to try and pretend that there wasn’t the largest cut to education in Wisconsin history in 2011,” Larson said, adding that Republican policies ending collective bargaining for teachers and making further cuts to schools that had low scores on school report cards contributed to a teacher shortage and the decline in the quality of education. The bipartisan Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding made a series of recommendations, he pointed out, “and the Legislature said, ‘Nope, we’re not going to do Jack Squat with that.”

“That’s not a failure of our kids,” he added, “that’s a failure of the Legislature.”

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