Monday, October 11, 2021

Kleefisch can't say she won't reverse election results!

Former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch's bubbly, happy-go-lucky jump into the gubernatorial race is shockingly devoid of preparation. Did she not think about her pandemic response in the last two years or her support for the "Stop the Steal" insanity? Even worse, she doesn't have policy, just a list of grievances she desperately wants her base to know she'll pounce on in a heartbeat.   

On WKOW's Capitol City Sunday, A.J. Bayatpour wrote: 

Kleefisch declined to say whether, as governor, she would sign a bill that made lawmakers the ultimate decider of who won an election. Kleefisch said she hadn't seen any bill language drafted proposing to give election certification powers to the legislature.

Well, isn't that a flat out lie? 

Kleefisch: "An idea I have never heard discussed among legislators or even the folks I've been talking to across the state." 

So, Vos-Republicans and rabid GQP Kleefisch supporters have never said anything about overturning the election, now or in the past? Uh, well...I count 3 times at least:

1. In an emergency petition filed Nov. 24 with the Wisconsin Supreme Court by the Wisconsin Voters Alliance is asking for a slate of electors who would support President Trump. The emergency petition asks the court, which is dominated 4-3 by conservatives, to void the election and order that the “choice of the Presidential Electors revert back to the State Legislature.” In December, PBS Wisconsin reported two Republican state representatives, Rep. Jeff Mursau (R-Crivitz) and Rep. David Steffen (R-Green Bay), joined a lawsuit arguing state legislatures should have the final word on certifying a state's election results. A federal judge dismissed the suit in January.

2. Days after the election, Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos ordered an investigation into Wisconsin’s election results.

3. Republican state Rep. Joe Sanfelippo said in a Nov. 9 statement the results of that investigation could — and perhaps should — lead the state to nullify its outcome. We need to either declare this past election null and void and hold a new election or require our Electoral College delegates to correct the injustice with their votes.

So Kleefisch's comment should not be forgotten in this campaign:

Kleefisch said, "So I think it would probably be awfully premature for me to comment on a bill that hasn't even been drafted nor an idea that I've heard floated." 

But wait, another idea just recently surfaced in the Legislature:

A new bill authored by Rep. Gary Tauchen (R-Bonduel) would picked its Electoral College delegates using a congressional district method. For Wisconsin the congressional districts are gerrymandered by Republicans to favor Republicans, five of the eight districts are held by Republicans. President Donald Trump would have received the majority of Wisconsin’s 10 votes in 2020. Six, to be precise. It would make Wisconsin a state where the winner of the popular vote does not get all — or even necessarily the most — Electoral College votes. Tauchen’s bill (LRB 0513/1).

Kleefisch Projection: Hoping Wisconsinites Just Walk Away from Voting: Every threat to freedom and liberty is actually a special part of the game plan. 

Voter suppressions hoops and mazes along with losing complete faith in our voting system, is the desired end. It's here that Becky lets it slip; she doesn't want people to come out and vote. She repeats it over and over all the while calling into question the integrity our out elections. Upfront with Adrienne  Pedersen did a great job of putting Kleefisch uncomfortably on the spot: 

She wants to "make people feel secure and not disenfranchised?" After the Arizona audit, and Biden actually gained even more did not make a difference:

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