Thursday, February 25, 2021

Jennifer Rubin: "How in the world do Republicans get elected? It is a serious question. They seem not to view the job of legislator or chief executive as that of being a problem-solver."

Guess what, all Republicans oppose the Democratic pandemic relief plan. No, really. 

Yet this isn't enough for just 2 Democratic Senators to change their position on the filibuster? Even after Trump Republicans filibustered everything to make Obama a one term president, packed the Supreme Court by actually blowing up the filibuster, tried to overturn the presidential election, defended the capitol insurrection, and did nothing about the pandemic? 

My god, don't Democrats have even a trace of survival instinct left in them? 

Scott Walker was one of the first Republicans to push the now off the rails "do-nothing" agenda, where societal problems are ignored for party purity and "owning the Dems." Like in Wisconsin, Republicans in Texas had their list of priorities:

Wisconsin Republicans are preoccupied with and fighting for...

"Some will tell you that our country is broken, and that our traditions no longer have purpose," State Republican Sen. Patrick Testin said. "I disagree. American symbols like the flag and our national anthem have the power to unite." The legislation comes in response to the decision by billionaire Mark Cuban to not play "The Star-Spangled Banner" during Dallas Mavericks games. 

"So refreshing to see the *checks notes* chair of the Senate Health Committee do everything in his power to help us get through this pandemic safely," state Rep. Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) wrote on Twitter.

Wisconsin Republicans are feeling so secure in their gerrymandered control of the state, that they can even get away with this, as reported on Right Wisconsin;

The Waukesha County Republican Party, once the proud engine that drove the state Republican Party, pandered again to its wacko-wing on Friday. The party sponsored a showing of a thoroughly debunked conspiracy-theory “documentary” regarding the 2020 Presidential election. The movie, “Absolute Proof,” is My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell’s version of what happened … has been thoroughly debunked by fact-checkers, is the subject of possible litigation, and has been removed from social media websites because of the false information. When the pro-Trump television network, OANN, aired the movie, the network ran a disclaimer rather than risk potential lawsuits.

Nonetheless, over eighty people viewed the movie at the party headquarters on Pearl Street according to a Facebook post by the Waukesha GOP’s “grassroots outreach director” Keith Best.

"Theft of an Election" was a Myth!: You can't...wait, you can make this up; Republicans are now going to solve a problem they manufactured. First, it's never too dangerous  to vote: "A pandemic or 'outbreak of a communicable disease' does not qualify voters as indefinitely confined," so you can't stay home and vote absentee:

A third bill in the package would set requirements for absentee ballot drop boxes, which were widely used across the state during the pandemic. Under the bill, the boxes would have to meet certain security standards and must be attached to the building where the municipal clerk’s office is located. Many places had numerous drop boxes located in different parts of their community in 2020, with an eye on increasing convenience for voters.
Limiting Drop Box locations restores "trust" and "confidence"?
Sen. Alberta Darling said far too many people have sincere concerns about our electoral system. These bills will help restore trust and make sure our elections are handled fairly for everyone." Sen. Duey Stroebel argued public confidence in election is "at a crisis point."
New Absentee Road Block Legislation because it's so Corrupted? But just a little while back:

Urban Milwaukee: Republicans like Scott Walker and Reince Priebus, each with robust histories of absentee voting, now oppose it in the name of “election integrity.” Their real concern seems to be that absentee ballots will increase Democratic Party votes at the expense of Republican.
Yes they did this...


Conservative columnist Jennifer "pro-reality" Rubin knows what she's talking about:

1. How in the world do Republicans get elected? It is a serious question. They seem not to view the job of legislator or chief executive as that of being a problem-solver. The results of their actions or inactions do not appear to concern them as long as they’ve got the “narrative” right, which invariably includes blaming left-wing socialists for their own mismanagement, trying to convince White voters they are victims and blabbering about “cancel culture” (a left-wing plot to hold them responsible for their conduct?). And voters put up with this because, well, why exactly? 

2. Republicans represented by these public officials do not seem to care about gross negligence or the reckless indifference to their own well-being. When elections roll around, Republicans run on negative messages decrying their opponents as wild socialists.

3. Republican voters have come to regard politics as a “fight” for their racial and cultural identity, not as lawmaking or problem-solving. We should not be surprised that they get rotten leadership and service as a result. Tens of millions of Republicans voted in 2020 for the now former, disgraced president despite an out-of-control pandemic and historic recession. He “owned the libs” and hated the mainstream media; that was what they wanted.

4. Demanding that politicians do their jobs, solve concrete problems and make voters’ lives better is the first step to electing rational politicians. At the very least, voters in red states and districts should decide they deserve more than entertainment from politicians. Their lives literally depend on it. 

 Communist Socialist Liberal won't be pretty:

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  1. What do you expect from a political party that live inside of a Bubble of talk radio BS? These morons care more about their 30%er base than the other 70% of the country.

    Which explains why they concentrate so much about suppressing votes of Dem constituencies. Because GOPs have given up on trying to win on ideas at this point, so all they have is superficial resentment issues and election-rigging.