Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Two Lives Lost at Kenosha Protest! Bucks Shut Down NBA, WI Republicans Do Nothing!!!

UPDATE 8/27: DEFENDING A KILLER: I worked one year as cohost with Vicki McKenna when she first began Upfront, and I quite because of just this. But WIBA loved it, even syndicated the show of this gun crazy screwball. Defending Kyle Rittenhouse? I don't say this ever, but someone needs to be removed:

JSOnline: McKenna came to the defense of Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, of Antioch, Illinois, who was charged in Lake County, Illinois, as a fugitive from justice. Rittenhouse faces a first-degree intentional homicide charge in Kenosha County. "Go watch the video of that kid," said McKenna, who airs on WISN-AM (1130) in Milwaukee and WIBA-AM (1310) in Madison. "I’d have done the same thing. But he’s being painted as a murderer!" 

"By the way, where are all the patriots who brag on Facebook, 'Hey, bring it, baby! Lock and load!' Where the hell were you last night?" McKenna asked. "Some showed up to defend other people’s property or their own. And one guy is now going to have to go on trial because, in defense of himself, two people are dead."

If Republican voters don't wake up to the following brutal incompetence of their own elected "leaders," now, than we're in truly deep shit. Here's today's NY Post cover:

It appears armed militia groups were allowed by law enforcement to help in Kenosha, which is now at the heart of this. More in the videos below. But first...

After doing nothing for the last 6 months of nationwide protests demanding police reform, Republican Rep. Robin Vos is now claiming Gov. Evers is taking political advantage using the Jacob Blake shooting to push reform: 

Vos accused Evers of “turning to politics” by calling the special session instead of working through the Speaker’s task force.
Then after scoffing at the thought of a special session, and a day later, Vos actually said this to his  heavy breathing base:

To be clear, Evers call for a special session, and bringing in National Guard troops, caused the two deaths? 

While Kenosha burns, the safely gerrymandered Republicans legislature, on vacation for the year, has decided to sit back taking pot shots at the Democratic Governor, doing nothing again, but lamenting the damage to property...not people:

Again, inaction by Republicans to help reform law enforcement, and letting this get out of control, is now being used as a weapon against Democrats like Gov. Evers. Their goal is to demonize the First Amendments right to protest and usher in a police state stopping future opposition. 

…and the inability of Republicans to lift a finger?

It looks like local law enforcement made a tactical mistake costing 2 protesters their lives. It's all documented. Here's the original call to action on Facebook:

Enter the Militias: Hard to believe, but law enforcement planned to push protesters toward militia group and then leave. They also offered up water to militia members and thanked them for their help. All caught on video: 

And yet the following statement seemed to try and put distance between the video clips above and what officials want you to believe. 
Sheriff David Beth said on Tuesday someone called him to ask why he didn't deputize armed citizens to patrol the city "and I’m like ‘Oh hell no.’  Deputized citizens would "fall under my guidance and my supervisors and they are a liability to me and the county and the state of Wisconsin. The incident that happened last night where two people lost their lives were part of this group that wanted me to deputize them. That would have been why I wouldn’t."
Not so oddly, there is nothing from Fitzgerald, Vos, and Steineke about the deadly involvement of an outside militia or a call for a special session.

But the Milwaukee Bucks stepped up instead, forgoing a playoff game and shutting down the NBA:

The last-minute decision set off a chain reaction, and all NBA games were subsequently canceled in solidarity with the Bucks.

Sports announcers had to pivot to analyzing the significance of the Bucks’ players making a stand in the wake of the police shooting Sunday of Jacob Blake in Kenosha and the Tuesday night shooting by at least one vigilante of three protesters, leaving two of them dead. A 17-year-old from Illinois was arrested Wednesday in connection with the attacks.

“This is personal for the Milwaukee Bucks,” said ESPN’s NBA host Rachel Nichols, quickly put on-air in place of their NFL program. “Sterling Brown himself was a victim of police brutality just two years ago.” Nichols’ sentiment was echoed by analyst and former player Kendrick Perkins. “It’s a message for Wisconsin that they will not stand for this. They want justice. They want justice for him [Jacob Blake],” he said.
…and this was their demand, are you now listening Republicans?:

"Despite the overwhelming plea for change, there has been no action, so our focus today cannot be on basketball. When we take the court and represent Milwaukee and Wisconsin, we are expected to play at a high level, give maximum effort and hold each other accountable. We hold ourselves to that standard, and in this moment, we are demanding the same from our lawmakers and law enforcement.
Warning: Graphic Content: This is what happened. 

Here are protesters trying to help the shooting victim in the video above, but it was too late:

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  1. Great rundown of this nightmare. What people say has effects on these screwballs, and Icki deserves to get run out of her "job" for encouraging violence (if not outright sued).

    I'm really sick of people accepting this disgraceful garbage from the GOP. They don't care to make anything better about race, because they think race-baiting and gun nuttery increases their chances of winning.

    It better not be true in 2020, or else this state and country isn't worth helping or saving. And that's not by "going high", but by fiercely going after the racist trash and the GOP scum who give winks and nods to them.