Friday, February 21, 2020

Latest Sen. Nass UW outrage pale in comparison to GOP Estimated cost of Manufacturing Tax Credit!

With our full time GOP legislative geniuses about to take the rest of the year off (think about that), one criticism stood out for me.

The UW took another blow from critic and anti-educations ultimate warrior Sen. Steve Nass, who seems to manufacture a new outrage every time the university needs funding. The latest example shines a light on Nass' lack of self-awareness:
The University of Wisconsin-Madison is seeking an additional $33.3 million to fund two building projects and Sen. Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, is blaming “poor project management and cost overruns.” Nass called the projects the "most recent example of mounting fiscal management issues" in the University of Wisconsin System. “These are not isolated circumstances and the Board of Regents is partially at fault for failing to provide proper oversight of building projects."
The Irony: Let's look at Nass' "poor project management" and "mounting fiscal management issues" he rips the UW for:  Nass and his band of plundering legislative pirates were breathtakingly off on the projected cost of the manufacturer and ag tax credit. Maybe if he blames the UW no one will notice or bring up the mounting cost overruns depleting state revenues year after year that are now completely out of control and getting worse:

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