Wednesday, February 12, 2020

How "Real" Americans feel Judged, Resent Criticism, are maybe Racist, "Proud" to make sacrifices, and glad to settle for nothing!

Paranoid Trump Cultist think they're always being "judged," as if we care: Who are these people, thinking they're always being judged, those picked on "real Americans" (a phrase never uttered by Democrats, liberals, or progressives). They even brag about how they're willing to settle for nothing...because, well that's life. 

NPR recently talked to Iowan's about their conservative attitudes toward Trump, their sick, juvenile, and authoritarian leader. Personally, this should be a regular interview topic for journalists, so everyone understands what we're dealing with, and the dark hopeless thinking of so many desperate Americans.

Here's a group of women who watched the State of the Union. They ignored Trump's refusal to shake House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi's hand, but were outraged that she tore up Trump's speech. Very disrespectful? This is jaw dropping bat crazy thinking, but an important look into the mind of drooling Trump cultists to grasp the hopelessness of trying to have a conversation with them.

Iowa woman won't vote Democratic again. She says, believe it or not, "Biden wants to be sneaky about things, while Trump is too damn stupid to be sneaky about every thing (laughing)...I make $875 a month but I live better than most people. It's just the way life is, you gotta roll with the punches." So...why try making life a little better everyday?

Here's a farmer in "survival mode." He also seems to be okay with settling for less. "I'm pretty proud, and I don't want to ask for anything, so we make sacrifices." Again, we're led to believe this is our lot life. As for trusting anyone in government; "I think Trump got caught, and maybe Biden didn't." Expectation levels appear to be at a new low:

Republicans and Trump have destroyed public confidence to the point nothing matters anymore, even if it means holding on to the same social and economic problems we could solve but don't:
The Atlantic: Among liberals, there is a comforting caricature of Trump supporters as gullible personality cultists who have been hypnotized into believing whatever their leader says. The appeal of this theory is the implication that the spell can be broken, that truth can still triumph over lies, that someday everything could go back to normal—if only these voters were exposed to the facts. But the people I spoke with in Tupelo seemed to treat matters of fact as beside the point.

One woman told me that, given the president’s accomplishments, she didn’t care if he “fabricates a little bit.” A man responded to my questions about Trump’s dishonest attacks on the press with a shrug and a suggestion that the media “ought to try telling the truth once in a while.” Tony Willnow, a 34-year-old maintenance worker who had an American flag wrapped around his head, observed that Trump had won because he said things no other politician would say. When I asked him if it mattered whether those things were true, he thought for a moment before answering. “He tells you what you want to hear,” Willnow said. “And I don’t know if it’s true or not—but it sounds good, so fuck it.”

The political theorist Hannah Arendt once wrote that the most successful totalitarian leaders of the 20th century instilled in their followers “a mixture of gullibility and cynicism.” When they were lied to, they chose to believe it. When a lie was debunked, they claimed they’d known all along—and would then “admire the leaders for their superior tactical cleverness.” Over time, Arendt wrote, the onslaught of propaganda conditioned people to “believe everything and nothing, think that everything was possible and that nothing was true.”

Leaving the rally, I thought about Arendt, and the swaths of the country that are already gripped by the ethos she described. Should it prevail in 2020, the election’s legacy will be clear—not a choice between parties or candidates or policy platforms, but a referendum on reality itself.

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