Sunday, April 3, 2022

Blatant Child Exploitation by Republicans as frontline election cannon fodder, "Don't Say Gay law "is for the children!"

The Republicans have initiated the grotesque exploitation of children for the midterm elections. So why is this being ignored?

Fake Issue #1-"Don't Say Gay" Law: After totally fabricating the CRT myth being taught in schools, which energized gullible parents to act irrationally, why not promote the utter nonsense that LGBTQ indoctrination was part of the K-3 curriculum? Except...

Elementary schools (in Florida), especially in kindergarten through third grade, do not teach these subjects.
Got that, it's also another big lie.

1. “sowing doubts in kids about their gender identity.” 
2. "saying that they can be whatever they want to be, is inappropriate" 
...are NOT real issues! Come on. 

Plus, who would have thought a child "being what they want to be" would become "inappropriate." Can't make this stuff up. 

While critics are right in saying the law is vague, big lie Republicans say the law provides a "set of clear guardrails"...which it doesn't, because that still needs legislative clarification...
“Now we can go and ... work it out so people have that clear understanding.” 
Liberals are Waiting for...what? Never proactive, Democrats amazingly are taking a wait-and-see approach, normalizing fake issues:
LGBTQ advocacy groups and Democrats have hinted at taking legal action but nothing has yet materialized.
And going unsaid is the continued exploitation of children to win an election. 

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