Sunday, March 27, 2022

The US under Republican Authoritarian lockdown!

Looking at the many stories I've tweeted and saved as bookmarks, I thought I'd highlight the direction Republicans want to take this country. And since every idea and every law passed is duplicated in all the other red states, it's easier to just list what's out there right now in Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, etc.

You'll notice right away the cruel punishments, the anger, the lawlessness, the lack of actual freedom and liberty contained in the listed issues below don't seem to send up red flags or even faze their agitated voters. And this is with Trump out of office...

1. The “Don’t Say Gay” bill. GOP and B list celebrities are accusing librarians and teachers of “grooming” kids. The heart of HB 800 declares that public and charter schools "shall not locally adopt or use in the public schools of this state, textbooks and instructional materials or supplemental instructional materials that promote, normalize, support, or address lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgender (LGBT) issues or lifestyles. They add up to a law against even mentioning LGBTQ persons or issues. "WHEREAS, the promotion of LGBT issues and lifestyles in public schools offends a significant portion of students, parents, and Tennessee residents with Christian values."

2. A vigilante abortion bill that makes your friends and family $10k if they rat you out. Heck, if you decide to abort your rapists baby, his family and friends can sue you for $10k. Today’s GOP, they don’t believe women are equal. 

3. A school funding formula that takes away local control, and is more than 50% rule making we won’t see until AFTER the vote. And counties will love the property tax it will inevitably bring in 3-4 years

4. Tennessee State BOE appointee with no public school experience and evidence he is hostile to public schools. He’s in a lawsuit now as his company sold ammunition to an underage school shooter responsible for the 6th largest school shooting in the country.

5. A local school board in Tennessee banned “Maus,” a book about the horrors of the Holocaust, citing concerns about “objectionable language” and nudity. A school board in Missouri removed Toni Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye,” from its high school libraries. In Texas, an NBC report found that hundreds of books had been pulled from school libraries across the state for review after conservative parents and officials pushed to ban books on race, sexuality and gender.

6. Republican-led bills seeking to prevent students from learning about white supremacy and racism, under the pretense of purging so-called “critical race theory” from classrooms. Texas, Tennessee, Iowa, Idaho and Oklahoma have enacted such laws over the past year, and Republican lawmakers are pushing similar bills in nearly two dozen states. School Official Suggests Teaching Both Holocaust Books And ‘Opposing’ Views.

7. Research shows how, the higher people are on the Christian nationalism scale the more they tend to agree with the statement “we make it too easy to vote.” The same thing happens when people agree with the statements “the best way to stop bad guys with guns is to have good guys with guns,” and “authorities should be able to use any means necessary to keep law and order” and “if national security is at risk, I support torture.”

8. Idaho Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin (R), (who's running for governor) spoke at the recent white nationalist America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC), and insisted she didn’t know anything about Nick Fuentes, the prominent white nationalist who organized the event. On Thursday, the GOP lieutenant governor threw that denial right out the window. “So yes, I did know who I was talking to, who had invited me to speak at that conference.”

9. Republicans Push Crackdown on Crime Wave That Doesn’t Exist: Voter Fraud. Election fraud is exceedingly rare and often accidental. Still, G.O.P. lawmakers and prosecutors are promoting tough new enforcement agents to track down violators.

10. Mason, Tennessee — a majority Black, majority Democratic town — is fighting to protect its sovereignty from white conservatives looking to take control of its economy, a worrying resemblance to the exploitative sharecropping arrangements from the post-Civil War era, when white power brokers ensnared Black planters in deals that funneled most of the profits into white hands. Tennessee’s state comptroller, Jason Mumpower, a Republican, sent a letter to Mason this month calling on the town to relinquish its charter ... be placed under the control of Republican-dominated Tipton County. If the town refuses, Mumpower's office said it will take control. Mason is preparing to welcome a Ford Motor Co. plant to the area, which Tennessee Lookout, a local news outlet, says could be one of the “largest manufacturing investments in the state’s history.”

11. Private Charter Scam and Charade Exposed: Just wait, what you thought Republicans saved you in tax cuts is all going to private businesses called "public schools:"
One more incredible moment: Sen. Rick Scott keeps digging in, but Fox News isn't having any of Scott's "reality." Yup, even Fox can't explain away this one...

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