Monday, December 13, 2021

Republican says Stop! But Ruthless Robin Vos stays with Bumbling "Justice" Gableman!

Even though Democrats have been saying the Gableman fraudit should end now, supposedly for partisan reasons, they are now oddly proven right since a Republican has jump on board calling the 2020 election audit a fraud and should be stopped:

"Mr. Gableman is coming to my county and I will attend that meeting along with my concealed carry permit, to be perfectly honest, because (the election review) keeps jazzing up the people who think they know what they're talking about, and they don't," Bernier said.

Just to give you an idea of what this guy looks, this former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice (not kidding) here's a classic Gableman moment: 

Gableman's seething outrage over the Mark Zuckerberg money that helped Democratic as well as Republican districts carry out the election is truly a surreal rage:

Court rulings have found nothing illegal about the more than $10 million in grants CTCL distributed to about 214 municipalities in 39 of Wisconsin’s 70 counties, including many in areas solidly won by former President Donald Trump. Nor did CTCL turn down grant requests from any of the Wisconsin municipalities that made them.

Gableman pulls off Endorsing Republican without objection from Vos Legislature: Then, this just happened...

JSOnline: "I knew there would be criticism. I did not know there would be this universal defense mechanism even among some people in the leadership of the Republican Party, who would rather just let — who would rather just let this go. But we can't let it go. We can't let it go. … They come for us in tiny, tiny steps. They come for us in millimeters. And if you give a millimeter, they're going to push and you've got to back up more. You back up, they're going to push you again and you've got to back up more. I am done backing up. And I hope you are, too."

Gableman made the comments at the Rock County Republican Party’s "Merry Politics" event. He's slated to attend a similar event on Dec. 20 with the Chippewa County Republican Party.
Imagine a Democratic former Justice doing this?

Sen. Kathy Bernier, chairperson of the Senate Committee on Elections, wasn't the only person calling for end to this slow moving and costly taxpayer debacle:
She was joined by Ben Ginsberg, who spent nearly four decades representing Republicans in election disputes. "We are here today because Wisconsin has found itself really in the middle of a harmful and disturbing national trend that involves the intimidation of election officials — the people who are supposed to call balls and strikes in our elections," Ginsberg said

Bob Bauer, who served as White House counsel during Barack Obama's presidency said Gableman's comments — "and the partisan context in which he received this assignment" — show Gableman is not right for the job. The partisan reviews in Wisconsin and other states are “pseudo audits being organized for partisan political purposes by those who do not have the wherewithal to meet any kinds of standards whatsoever," Bauer said.
Blame Democrats for Lousy Inept Gableman Fraudit? Sure, why not: 
Robin Vos said it was Democrats who were preventing Gableman from completing his work sooner. "Instead, invoking McCarthyism has been their only motive, trying to discredit the investigation rather than finding ways to improve the system and prevent fraud going forward."

Milwaukee CBS58's Emilee Fannon asked the right question and got the ever-arrogant Vos to confidently...stop lying for one moment: 

And well before the clown car known as the Gableman "investigation" began, the escalation of death threats to election workers were still not even on Vos-Republican radar. Seriously, there was not one attempt to stop what were essentially Trumpian terrorist threats against public servants and their families. It didn't even muster an investigation:
Reuters reported last week that an article on Gateway Pundit, the far-right website known for spreading hoaxes, alleging "thousands of fake votes" had been discovered in Madison resulted in angry calls and death threats against Madison city clerk Maribeth Witzel-Behl. Witzel-Behl is among 25 election officials who have been targeted by more than 100 threats arising out of the Gateway Pundit post, Reuters reported. Messages to at least five of the officials, including Witzel-Behl, were deemed serious enough to report to law enforcement.

Gableman's "friendly court" to Arrest Madison and Milwaukee's Democratic Mayors? You can't make this up. From WPT's Here and Now: 

Meme Governor Candidate Becky Kleefisch Blissfully sees no Problem: Kleefisch even "thinks" the investigation will restore confidence in Wisconsin elections, never mind that a Republican loss will only be reversed someday anyway:

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