Friday, July 10, 2020

Wacky Republican State Supreme Court throws baffling Chaos into governing!

It's tough to be a Governor when you have two branches of government writing legislation, and one can't be the legislation written by the judicial branch's Supreme Court.

The forever gerrymandered GOP legislature is using the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty to pass legislation via lawsuits in the State Supreme Court. 

This time the rarely challenged power of the governors powerful veto pen, which has been allowed over and over again since 1935. In fact the governor holds "a 'quasi-legislative' role." The only changes came from referendums pass by the voters. Not anymore.

With 5 different mind-bending leaps of logic, the five conservative activist Justices, egged on by a WILL lawsuit, made the Governors future budget vetoes an impossible task that includes future lawsuits and second guessing that not surprisingly, leaves the GOP in complete control. 

Conservative Chaos, Again: Instead one of one clearly defined decision, and you can't make this stuff, each justice legislated this way;
But a majority could not agree on how to decide when to throw out vetoes.
1. Rebecca Bradley and Kelly argued vetoes could be used only to stop the adoption of a specific measure the Legislature had voted on.

2. Hagedorn and Ziegler contended a governor could use vetoes to slightly modify budget provisions, but could not selectively edit legislation to write new policies.

3. And Roggensack maintained partial vetoes were acceptable as long as they dealt with the same subject matter as what was written in the original legislation.
And Scott Walker's challenged vetoes? 
Also Friday, the Supreme Court threw out a narrower case that challenged vetoes by Walker from 2017. They determined that lawsuit had been filed too late and dismissed it.
Not a press release peep from our very silent Democrats. Real fighters.

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