Saturday, July 18, 2020

Devoid of Issues, Republican's seek to end "liberals," hoping to crush their Enemy neighbors!

Not solving Wisconsin's, or even America's social and economic problems, sure beats working. The Republican convention message couldn't be clearer.

Weird Freedom and Liberty Tantrum: For example, on Parler, AZ Rep. Andy Biggs posted:
"Nothing typifies this path to totalitarianism more fully than gov't mandates to wear a mask." (note: Arizona had 2,742 new cases, and 147 new deaths from the previous day.)
I commented: "True, only if there was never a pandemic and then you were ordered to wear masks, because masks are kind of silly without a health crisis, right?"

But that's really the issue isn't it, conflating tyrannical edicts with preventive "orders" to fight a contagious airborne virus that hurts and kills people.


Vos on what really matters!
And with Covid-19 surging in Wisconsin again (7/18 Sat 978 new cases, 10 deaths), believe it or not, Republicans aren't about to come back to work and admit they and the State Supreme Court were wrong. Their voters won't hold them accountable or even notice their depraved lack of responsibility.

It seems Republicans simply want to "stand with the police" not reforming a thing, stand with the NRA doing nothing about mass shootings, or stand against COVID-19 health policy.

Reckless Abandon #1: GOP convention host Rep. Mike Gallagher (R) trashed Democrats with utter nonsense, and they liked it. No Democrat, no progressive, no liberal I know has ever said the things listed below. But they do set up a stark contrast that makes doing nothing about the nations social and economic problems seem like the best alternative if the other choice is to "tear down our country, tear it apart and destroy it." 

Democrats supposedly have said...
"America is an evil country," "America is so evil and so racist...we must tear it down." "it's about blaming America first," "they believe America is inherently evil," "this election is about the mob, the leftists," "they force those who they disagree with to kneel before them," "to cancel out history,"  "to tolerate lawlessness under the disguise of justice," …"We utterly reject the lie that America is an evil racist country":
We all reject that lie because no one said that. He's quite the story teller:

Reckless Abandon #2: How Republicans avoid problem solving or dealing with civil unrest:
1. Gallagher: "We've seen violent mobs take to our streets." Nope, they're called protesters. Why are they out protesting again?

2. Gallagher: "Let them say we stood with our dedicated law enforcement professionals..." 
So, no problem, no reform?

3. Speaker: "Do we want to be the next Seattle? Do we want to be the next Minneapolis...Chicago? 
Well, those are cities and we're a state? No?
4. Speaker: "The Democrats, they don't want you to speak up, they want you to fear, to be silent." 
No one ever said that. And who are these chicken shit frightened losers afraid to speak up? Uh, that's on you.

5. Tiffany: "They want to release violent felons." No, but scary.
Reckless Abandon #3: On our gerrymandered Republicans much talked about efforts to work with Gov. Evers after gutting his powers just before he took office:

1. Fitzgerald: "When you have a reluctant candidate (Evers), who was then fortunate to be elected, I don't think he wanted the job, and I quite honestly don't think the governor is up to the job." He beat Scott Walker...a "fortunate" win?

2. Fitzgerald: "You had to consider, was he a peer? Was he somebody who had an agenda, was he somebody who defined himself already, and I think the answer to all that is no." Arrogant Fitzgerald works only with his "peers." So Evers won a statewide election without "an agenda?"

3. Fitzgerald: "So what happens, the void is filled by staff, and he surrounded himself with staff and the staff is political, they're not policy people." Policy people? You mean lobbyist, sons and daughters of lobbyists, political advisors and former politicians with no previous experience in their departments? Got it.

4. Fitzgerald: "...we were joking about the recording earlier, but that's kind the epitome I think of the disrespect that has emerged." And that's the epitome of petty lengths Fitzgerald will go to manufacturer phony outrage.
Reckless Abandon #4: Dumb Ron Johnson couldn't show up to this hot bed of Covid-19 spreaders, so as usual, he avoided another personal appearance with the following recorded moronic attack on the Democrats. Notice how Johnson asks that we work together, all the while demanding the Republicans "defeat the left at every level and every stage of the election cycle." Also quite humorous and ridiculous, the idea that "younger Americans are embracing socialism and rejecting freedom of expression."  Notice too that "lawlessness" is happening because of the Trump administration. Say Ron, if you have to make stuff up like this to make the your crazy lack of governing look better, okay.

Notice again there are no policy ideas or solutions offered up. I'm assuming the elimination of protesting bad government is solution enough:

Johnson: "The Democratic Party is lurching toward socialism. The unfortunate reality we face today is a result of the radical left taking control of our colleges and universities within the last several decades by controlling the colleges, of education, journalism, and the law. 

The impact is particularly noticeable on younger Americans who are embracing socialism and rejecting freedom of expression in alarming numbers. 

Instead of working together to form a more perfect union, their goal is to tear down our country, tear it apart and to destroy it. 

We need to defeat the left at every level and every stage of the election cycle. This is another moment of choosing when we descend down a path of growing lawlessness and destruction, erasing our history in a futile pursuit of a socialized Utopia that history proves does not exist, or do we come together and acknowledge our shortcomings and work to help every citizen pursue and achieve the American dream?"
Reckless Abandon #5: The Chaos Trump let Loose: My Trump cult friend in Milwaukee is reveling in Trump's campaign of horror, partially listed here by Thom Hartmann:
They revel in their efforts to end Obamacare; resumption of federal executions; authorize the use of formerly banned pesticides causing cancer and neurological damage to children; allow coal and oil companies to dump more waste in our rivers; children slaughtered in classrooms; Black people regularly murdered by police; Trump calls those asking for change "terrorists" and "thugs;" refers to Nazis as "very fine people" and retweets calls for "white power;" fighting efforts to extend unemployment relief; discouraging wearing masks or social distancing; raising doubts about science; causing the deaths of over a 100,000 Americans; holds indoor rallies knowing some people will be dead in a matter of weeks.


  1. Thank you for this rundoen, because there's no way I'd put up with watching that on my own.

    Republicans live in a Bubble of their own BS, and think their voters are complete morons with the crop they try to sneak over on others.

    Meanwhile, real criminals like Stone, Flynn and all the Swampy TrumpWorld dealings are given a pass.

  2. Great job pointing out the many lies and stupid comments by these fools. You missed one comment by Fitzgerald that describes what we dealt with during the Scooter era. Fitz mentioned serving under Scott Walker. What a moron, you are the leader of the State Senate, your job is to keep the governor in check not to just do his bidding. Oh, thats right, it changed under Evers. Your new job is to oversee the governor. What a ignorant liar. Yet he will be our next US Congressman.