Monday, August 21, 2023

WISGOP's 14- to 15-year-old child labor push exposes Kids to dangerous jobs and Sexual harassment in Bars and Restaurants. "Protecting our kids?"

Who thinks the three Republicans pushing legislation allowing 8th thru 10th graders (ages 14 and 15) to work without a permit or even permission from their parents is a good idea? Not only is this not a solution to our labor shortage, but a regressive idea returning our nation to the worst of the Gilded Age.  

Republicans actually said child labor laws in Wisconsin are "needless administrative barriers," and excessive "government regulation." 

(AP) Children ages 14 and 15 would no longer need a work permit or parental permission to get a job under a Republican bill. This comes amid a wider push by state lawmakers to roll back child labor laws, despite the efforts of federal investigators to crack down on a surge in child labor violations nationally...violation of child labor laws has increased by 37% within the last year.

So "parental rights" works to dismantle public education, but parental rights don't work for their teenagers getting a job while just entering high school? 

Sen. Cory Tomczyk and Reps. Clint Moses and Amy Binsfeld, the Republicans sponsoring the bill, called youth work permits “needless administrative barriers that slow down the hiring process. It’s important that young people have the opportunity to work without having to endure excessive government regulation...”
...enforcing child labor laws? Exhibit A, defining what Republicans mean by "excess government regulation." Never forget. 

WISGOP Protecting Employers from being Caught, not kidding: While Republicans make getting unemployment benefits almost impossible to get, they're helping employers hide abuses like kids doing dangerous jobs and low wages:
The bill continues to require employers to keep their own records of employees’ ages and hours worked, but without work permits verified by a state agency, companies caught violating child labor laws can more easily claim ignorance...eliminating the permit requirement makes it significantly more difficult to investigate violations because there are fewer records of where kids are being employed.
Sadly, one child was killed on the job because his father worked at the same business, a legal exemption in Federal child labor law: 
Michael Schuls, 16, died on June 29 after sustaining injuries at the Florence Hardwoods logging company in Florence, Wisconsin. Michael was attempting to unjam a wood-stacking machine when he became pinned under machinery on a conveyor belt, resulting in what the coroner identified as traumatic asphyxiation, The Associated Press reported.

Note: Sen. Cory Tomczyk's use of the word "fagot" spark a lawsuit that smacks of violating freedom of the press:

Wisconsin Examiner: Tomczyk, then just a businessman and former school board member, alleged that the paper defamed him when it published accusations that he had called a 13-year-old boy a “fag” during an Aug. 12, 2021, meeting. The boy had spoken in favor of a resolution called “A Community for All,” which was meant to reinforce the importance of diversity and inclusivity.

Digital newspaper The Wausau Review & Pilot editor and founder Shereen Siewert, said she believed the purpose of Tomczyk’s lawsuit is “to bankrupt me and crush our organization.” She recalled..."that even if we win, we lose, because there is no way for us to counter sue or recoup our losses in any way … because we live in Wisconsin.”

Unlike 31 other states and the District of Columbia, Wisconsin has no laws on its books to push back against what are known as SLAPP lawsuits, meant to silence critics by presenting them with crushing legal costs that cannot be recovered, even in cases where the suits have little merit.
In light of Senator Tomczyk’s horrific, bullying comments made towards a child coupled with him attempting to stifle reporting on the incident, leading to their potential closure, the Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Committee (SSDC) is calling on Senator Cory Tomczyk to resign.
14 Year Olds Serving Alcohol? That's NOT protecting kids from sexual harassment: Again, while MAGA Republicans push their phony "protect the kids" from school library book "pornography," they're okay with subjecting 14-year-old girls to drunk or toxic manliness in bars and restaurants. After all, women dominate wait server jobs (80% of Waitresses are female, and 19% are male). Got it.

In Wisconsin lawmakers are advocating for lowering the ageto serve alcohol in bars and restaurants to 14. It would be a nationwide first if approved, according to the National Institutes of Health.
Let's hope voters are smart enough to decide who deserves to be reelected. The guilty parties...
The bill sponsors Sen. Rob Stafsholt, of New Richmond, and Rep. Chanz Green, of Grandview, sent a memo seeking cosponsors.

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