Tuesday, February 20, 2024

A Media Defamation Law would be Right-wing Media's biggest Enemy but go-ahead Florida.

Once a conservative now a progressive pundit Bruce Bartlett remarked: 
“The right spent the last 50 years building an alternative media to get out its message, while the left has doggedly relied solely on the legacy media. As the legacy media has collapsed, the right's media has remained strong, while the left's ability to communicate has died."
Well, that might change soon in Florida:
A GOP-backed defamation bill making it easier to sue the media in Florida will 'destroy conservative media,' says on conservative radio host
Supposedly, Florida aims to hold the liberal media accountable.

But right-wing radio host lie all the time. They don’t see a problem with this.

This conservative radio host never admits right wing radio hosts lie… But he is freaking out because he knows it's true…in his own words:
“Liberal trial lawyers are going to have a field day with “center-right” media in the state of Florida, it will destroy conservative media in this state.”
Why, because they Lie.
“How do you think a conservative show host is gonna hold up in deep blue Broward County with liberal judges. I believe that Republicans are acting like liberals in the way that they are legislating out of emotion. They're not thinking. They're reacting. Liberals don't even care about winning. They care about burying the voices. They care about censoring conservative voices.”
Because they can’t stop lying? He said,
“They want to shut down conservative media. And the Republicans are creating a law that would make it easier for them to do so."
Because conservative media can’t stop lying.

This will be fun to watch, if not a little on the chaotic side.

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