Monday, October 20, 2014

College Republicans low information talking point dummies!! Doesn't bode well for the future of the GOP.

Republicans have always ripped college students for their idealism, liberalism and naivety. For many of them, students are too young and too misinformed to even vote. Age brings on the onset of senility…I mean conservatism.

Well, talk about projection and being misinformed, the College Republicans are simply embarrassing. In the most unlikely criticism of Mary Burke, former CEO at Trek Bike, and the most unlikely portrayal of career politician Scott Walker, the College Republicans posed this madness:
Wisconsin will be acting as the employer Nov. 4, and we, as Wisconsinites, are going to hire a candidate for governor based on his or her previous job experience. By making the decision to vote for a candidate, we are essentially hiring someone to manage a business in which we all are stakeholders. 

Hiring Burke would be like hiring a recent business school graduate to be the new CEO of Walmart. While the graduate might be a great person, they have no relevant experience as a manager or as a corporate executive. While working for Trek, she made plans to send jobs oversees even though she could have kept the jobs right here in Wisconsin.
First clue: Mary Burke didn't have anything to do with the decision to outsource, that was just another phony talking point by WISGOP. Sure that discredits everything these dunderheads would write before and after, but this is way too much fun.

You’ll love this next point posed by “some pundits,” which I would assume to be an elite class of conservative idiots:
Circus act? 
There is another red flag on her résumé that voters should check out. After her brief time at Trek, Burke embarked on what some pundits have described as a year-long snowboarding sabbatical. While Burke should be able to spend her money in any way that she wants too, this should still be a red flag for any employer. If anyone were to take a spontaneous year off work, any serious employer would have questions about the gap in my résumé. Everyone regardless of their political affiliation should want to question Burke about this sabbatical. 
This was a huge issue with my conservative friend in Milwaukee. Funny thing, while Republicans complain about people being on unemployment too long, they're also saying those same people shouldn't be given a job…so, they should stay on the public dole? Confusing? That's how they think.

They also had this funny bit of projection, a point I recently blogged about dealing with Walker’s lack of answering all questions. It’s really Mary Burke’s problem?
The employers should refer to her interview. During the second debate that Burke had with Gov. Scott Walker, she never really seemed to offer any real solutions. She did a great job saying that there are some problems with our state, but she rarely, if ever, gave real, tangible, actionable solutions. 
Funny, those tangible, actionable tax cuts for our job creators haven’t done anything at all. She actually gave a number of different ways to get industry going again in the state, and it isn’t another tax cut.
While we don’t know about the other employers, we do not intend on hiring the recent college graduate to be the new CEO of Walmart.
Weird and stupid, but that's why I'm posting this. "Stand with Walker" drones think it’s best to hire a college dropout with no corporate executive experience at all. In another press release, the College Republicans said this:
“No matter what Mary Burke says on campus today she can’t hide the fact that she still refuses to commit to another 2 year tuition freeze. UW-Madison students deserve to know if she is planning to raise tuition if elected like her predecessor Jim Doyle chose to do.
She answered this already, saying she would freeze tuition if the state starts funding our state colleges again. After all, they're a huge money maker and job creator. 

Schimel campaign Dirty, Political and Unprofessional beyond words.

For what is portrayed as a nonpartisan office, Brad Schimel isn't pretending to steer clear of instituting hard core politics into the state's law enforcement system as the attorney general.

You can't tell me Schimel's web site headline isn't absolute classless trash? What a wreck:

Scott Walker lied about supporting Milwaukee's Shot Spotter program, and Burke had to correct him.

Just watch Scott Walker's smooth delivery of BS on his support of the Shot Spotter program, the one he wanted to defund. It should give even "stand with Walker" Borg-ites a moments pause.

Mary Burke reminded the debate viewing audience that slick Scotty isn't telling the truth very often:

Jimmy John's no compete contracts lock employees into their low wage jobs. Moving only other option...maybe.

In the most bizarre punitive action against low wage part time workers, Jimmy John's is locking in their local labor force with no compete contracts. Small town or large, that might take you out of the labor force completely for awhile.

Workers are barred from working for similar sandwich shops or restaurants withing a 3 mile radius of either an employee's current location, or any other Jimmy John's location, for two years. The fact that there's a Jimmy John's every mile or so, that doesn't leave a lot of options for workers, does it? Move? What, on their wages? Jaw-dropping.

Ed Schultz talked to Wisconsin Jobs Now's Jennifer Epps-Addison about the impact on labor:

(Employees will) "not have any direct or indirect interest in or perform services for ... any business which derives more than ten percent (10%) of its revenue from selling submarine, hero-type, deli-style, pita and/or wrapped or rolled sandwiches and which is located within three (3) miles of either [their current place of employment] or any such other Jimmy John's Sandwich Shop."
The thing is, no one ever thought an employer would go after labor like this:
Kathleen Chavez, the lawyer representing employees in the case, told HuffPo that the terms of the noncompete would prevent a former Jimmy John's employee from working in 6,000 square miles in 44 states and Washington, D.C.

Republican AG candidate Schimel pronounces Waukesha County clean, not "Ground Zero" for Voter Fraud?

Wow, Brad Schimel's partisan aw shucks cluelessness is getting even more unsettling by the day.

It was a jaw dropping moment, and of course ignored by the media, even the Journal Sentinel who got the scoop. Schimel spouted what was clearly a race based, partisan centric comment about voter fraud.
Schimel: "As it turns out, we're not ground zero for voter fraud in Waukesha County."
After going on a rant about how hard it is to find fraud, and then prove it, this was said:
JS Reporter: "So you said Waukesha wasn't ground zero for voter ID and voter fraud, is there a ground zero for voter fraud?"

Schimel: "I don't know the answer to that, but I do know what happens in my county...we typically have a very large voter turnout in the big elections, and I think that helps."
But if you can't check and there's no real way to head is hurting.

Lilly white Republican Waukesha County is clean. Why even look for fraud, when according to Schimel, so many other unspecified places are so questionable. He couldn't name them, but...well, you know where they are, right?

It wasn't so long ago ballot bags were found open in Waukesha County, late reported votes were counted, a private record keeping system based on "trust" was put in place by the areas star of incompetence, County Clerk Kathy Nicholaus. Click here for an entire history of stories Nicholaus generated over her botched handling of votes and elections in "clean" Waukesha County.  She even came back when she was reappointed temporarily to her old job as clerk last spring, even while running for board supervisor. You can't make this stuff up.

The Journal Sentinel editorial board didn't appear stunned by Schimel's over the top statement. Breathtaking:

Republicans were for "czars," before they were against them, before they were for them again.

My conservative friend in Milwaukee called and asked me if I was concerned about what the government isn't telling us about the spread of Ebola. Never mind what the medical community is doing about the disease. Indefinite travel blockades and blaming Obama was tops on his list. He never thought about the successful Republican efforts to block the next Surgeon General, the very person who would be handling this right now. Obama's nominee got the GOP's thumbs down for talking about the health care crisis involving the use of firearms.

I also asked him if Gov. Rick Perry should also be blamed for the spread in Texas, along with the TB outbreak there. He never heard about the 5 newborn babies who tested positive for TB, infected by a nurses assistant who was allowed to work for weeks while sick. Health care is not a concern in Texas. My friend got angry, accusing me of changing the subject, and hung up. 

He called me a few days later to harass me over the new Ebola "czar," even though many Republicans called for one. I asked him if he saw Rachel Maddow's coverage of just that subject. He didn't. Maddow recalled how a number of Republicans wrote a bill banning the creation of "czars." Those same Republicans apparently forgot how much they hated czar's, because now their leading the charge to appoint one.

Media Matter's also posted this reminder:

When Conservative Media Didn't Care Bush's Bird Flu Czar Had No Medical Experience

Funny revealing stuff about the every changing platform of our "principled" GOP hypocrites:

Economic columnist David Cay Johnston also pointed out how the Texas problem started at a profit hospital. But wait, for profit health care is the GOP solution to ObamaCare:

Proof Walker turned down Medicaid Expansion to pad the pockets of insurer Anthem Blue Cross.

When you're talking about giving a private insurance company nearly $13 million in additional profits by simply denying the expansion of Medicaid in Wisconsin, and receiving nearly $43,000 in campaign funding, you're talking the most brutal form of pay play.

The numbers prove that point below. And this is just one company of many profiting from Walker's nonsensical excuse that Medicaid funding isn't reliable. It's been disproven by PolitiFact months ago. These are ideologically driven hardball tactics used against Wisconsinites who are in desperate need of health care, the very people Walker supposedly serves. Oh, I forgot, he's a leader, not a public servant.

Sociopathic behavior? You decide:
According to an analysis by Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Wellpoint Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin, part of the nation’s largest for-profit health insurance company, will make an estimated $12,785,484 in additional revenue each year because Governor Walker rejected enhanced federal funds for BadgerCare.

On a media call earlier this week CAW and Wisconsin Democracy Campaign released evidence of a relationship between large insurance industry campaign donations to Scott Walker and the rejection of federal funds for BadgerCare. The data shows that the insurance industry was the biggest beneficiary of the decision to reject the funds for BadgerCare and has made major large campaign contributions to Governor Walker and leading Legislators.
Executives from the Anthem Blue Cross and its subsidiaries donated at least $42,850 to Governor Walker ... lobbying records from GAB show that three powerful insurance industry trade associations and Wellpoint Anthem Blue Cross spend 363 hours lobbying on the part of the state budget related to BadgerCare funding. Wellpoint Anthem Blue Cross spent an additional 238 hours lobbying on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  
Here's WKOW's scoop showing a very unprepared Walker, whose phony know-it-all responses are the result of memorized talking points, not a knowledge of the subject. He's not curious, he's a politician:

Television journalist Greg Neumann of WKOW TV 27 in Madison captured Scott Walker on video stumbling to respond to Citizen Action of Wisconsin’s revelation that insurance industry donations may have swayed his decisions to reject hundreds of millions of federal dollars for BadgerCare.  In the news story, Walker says on camera that “to my knowledge they [the insurance industry] haven’t lobbied me personally or anyone in my administration on this.”

Friday, October 17, 2014

Burke takes command, Walker feigns "folksy" anecdotes.

The one thing I've noticed about Mary Burke is her no nonsense delivery. They's nothing political about it. The Journal Sentinel editorial board treated Burke like a politician, but got back a straight shooting business executive, and it baffled them. Especially Dan Bice.

She answers questions. No phony anecdotal stories from strangers passing along their own skewed misinformed Fox News influence political point of view. Facts, business.

Here's a link to a story on Walker's cuts to the Shot Spotter program, which he backs wholeheartedly now. Here's a list of my favorite tweets...

Road Building Lobbyists closer to Constitutionally guaranteeing Taxpayer Funding.

Boy, this is really a bad idea, and Scott Walker is handing over another gift to GOP donors in the road building industry. Constitutionally guaranteeing money for transportation but not making that same guarantee for education is lunacy and perhaps the last straw for voters.

Yes, I know, Mary Burke supports this statewide referendum, but vote against it anyway. Recently on WPR, State Sen. Fred Risser argued against this blatant payoff to Walker special interests. Great stuff:

WISC's Jessica Arp presented a similar argument, but this time within the Democratic Party. But aren't we all getting tired of the "broke the peoples trust" excuse? Future legislatures need to have budgeting flexibility. Democratic Rep. Terese Berceau makes a pretty convincing argument:

Burke on message with Minimum Wage Hike, taking people off Assistance.

Scott Walker's campaign is self destructing, turning to odd old messages about plagiarism, jobs, and even bragging that he didn't create nearly as many jobs as he promised. Yikes.

Walker is also picking up on past comments made by folks who didn't agree with Burkes hard nosed business tactic running the Department of Commerce. Because you know, women aren't supposed to be so aggressive and disagree with the opinion of men who are angry about not be getting what they want.

I thought Republicans were all about "leadership." Not when it's Mary Burke, and not when it's a business woman with executive experience.

Summing it up perfectly is WISGOP's Brian Schimming,
"We've grown in personal income here in Wisconsin while he's been governor. Ah, the jobs are growing. All those good indicators are happening. That's what we have to focus our time on. Instead of getting "political" about minimum wage or any other issue."
But Wisconsin voters are more concerned about their wages and job security. In fact, raising the minimum wage is proving to be an upward trending issue completely dismissed by Walker:
Another poll has confirmed that the issue of the minimum wage has put Scott Walker’s reelection chances in serious danger. The poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, found that 44% of Wisconsin voters, including 38% of independent voters, say Walker’s opposition to increasing the minimum wage makes them less likely to vote for him. 

“Scott Walker is losing ground because of his refusal to raise Wisconsin’s minimum wage,” said Jon Green, deputy director of Working Families. “It’s no coincidence that his lead disappeared at the same time he was saying $7.25 is a living wage.” The new poll results follow yesterday’s Marquette University Law School poll, which found increasing support for the minimum wage while Mary Burke eliminated Scott Walker’s previous 5-point lead. 
Burke responded:
"By raising the minimum wage, we put more money into our economy because that money is going to be spent. We reduce the budgets, whether it's federal or state in terms of public assistance, and people are better able to support themselves." 
WKOW's Greg Neumann reported this on the other day, including Schimming's and Burke's comments:

Ryan lies to his own mom and aunt in new ad about Social Security and Medicare.

In Paul Ryan's latest ad, he tells his mom and aunt how great Social Security and Medicare is, but skips how he intends to change the programs. Does he tell his mom on camera that he'll privatize the programs for those willing to gamble on the changes? Not directly in the ad. You'll notice the details are only included in a voiced over section edited into the middle.

I really don't think she knows:

Republican Frivolous Lawsuit mill churns out another lawsuit threat, this time aimed at stopping a minimum wage hike.

If the next governor raises the minimum wage, they’re gonna get sued.

Anti-government conservatives have found a way to gum up government by suing government for everything they don’t like. And by using our now conservative activist courts to their advantage, they can get almost anything stopped dead in its tracks.

Lawsuit mill Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty is cranking out lawsuits and threats almost every day, winning some of them through court order or by intimidation.  

Hand it to Rick Esenberg for successfully using of one branch to take down the other.

Here's Esenberg's proposal:
First, were Governor Walker or any other governor to use sec. 104.02 to unilaterally raise the minimum wage, there would be one serious lawsuit … sec. 104.02 doesn't say that the requisite wage should be enough to support a family.
Esenberg than forgot all that legal stuff to spout hard right wing justifications to keep poverty right where it is. You know, suggesting the poor are doing better than most, because of their microwave ovens, cell phones and “flat” screen TV’s.  Slow recovery? I wonder why?

Here’s hoping conservative ideologues like Esenberg continue to proudly spout their Dickensian drivel and make every frivolous lawsuit a media event. People will start feeling a little uncomfortable:
"We are right to note that a minimum wage increase might well hurt more people than it helps. We are right to say that distorting labor markets is not way to help poor people. But we ought to acknowledge that, once we recognize that the marginal value to an employer of certain workers will not exceed a relatively low level…"
Please, enough already. 

Daily Show's honest look at Gov. Brownback's Disastrous Supply Side Kansas Comeback!!!

U.S. News wrote a pathetic defense of Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback just days before The Daily Show offered up a much different but honest look at Brownback’s record. 

Here’s a short sample of that article praising Brownback's supply side, tax cut failure:
Then there’s Kansas, where Republican Gov. Sam Brownback has put the state on the path to abolishing its income tax. 

The modern Democratic coalition is based on the idea that the revenue the government collects will be spread around … a kind of “share the wealth” program on steroids ... which justifies the amount of money that the unions, the environmental groups, the trial lawyers and the civil rights groups take from their members to get Democrats elected in the first place.

If Brownback triumphs, the pie shrinks – which means there just won’t be as much taxpayer money to divide up in the future. So the Democratic coalition groups have to win and make sure no one ever tries to abolish a tax again.
A weird defense that doesn't have anything to do with supply side’s collapse: 
…left-liberal writers who are carrying water for his political opponents are burning the midnight oil finding ways to show the state’s historic 2012 and 2013 tax cuts are responsible for a so-called revenue shortfall that will eventually bankrupt the state. Brownback’s tax strategy …  leads to economic growth, creates new jobs, produces an environment in which new businesses start up and existing businesses expand and everyone. 
Those are all the things that have not happened. You've got to wonder how bad things have to get before Republicans get a clue:
If the Democrats can beat Brownback, and tie his defeat to tax cuts, they believe they can make Brownback the “poster child” for what not to do and force the GOP to come up with a whole new game plan going into 2016. 
State Rep. Duey Stroebel is right on board with Brownback’s failure:  
We can take an important step in that direction by repealing the antiquated, unequal and job-killing personal property tax. Every grocer, restaurant owner, contractor and many other business owners must face a tax on upgraded or expanded equipment to grow or update their business. The (personal property) tax is also expensive to administrate for both the taxpayer and the tax-collecting entity. Repealing the tax would help spur our state's economy, particularly among the types of small, Main Street businesses that are the engine of job growth. 
Brownback beat himself folks. Leave it to the Daily Show's Jessica Williams for an honest look at the Kansas Comeback:

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Americans for Prosperity up to Lies and misinformation in Get-out-the-Vote Mailers.

From the group that can't tell the truth about anything, Americans for Prosperity is coming on strong this election season. Like the following PolitiFact rating:
Americans for Prosperity, a conservative group, reminded voters of Walker’s support for the mine in a flier mailed to voters in early October with the headline: "Wisconsin is back to work." Next to a image of a mining helmet, the flier states:  "Under the administration of Gov. Scott Walker, northern Wisconsin’s mining economy is moving forward and more people are getting good, high-paying jobs."
 This is what they thought:
But that's not all either. Check out what happened in AFP's the get out the vote mailer in N. Carolina: Lots of misinformation-wrong deadlines and wrong state agency,  and it was sent to the wrong people. Hey, no ones perfect. AFP officials said they will correct any mistakes...:

At least Scott Walker's got an extra $322 to spend...

...Guess I'll pass a school funding referendum and spend my money on that? Scott Walker is building his phony tax cutting creds on the backs of communities forced to get that money another way.

As I've mentioned before, my taxes have only gone up. Yet we're being told we can get something for nothing, like great schools. This from a guy who raised a family on the public dole, Scott Walker.

Walker's Trick: "Average" is not the same as "median." The average includes millionaires and billionaires, while the median finds the middle number of the larger sized group (like the middle class) leaving out the millionaires and billionaires.

That's why you just spent your savings on a six pack of Polka King Porter. Drink up. Thank Scott Walker.

So what would 4 more years under Scott Walker look like in Wisconsin? Guns on school grounds?

How reasonable are gun rights advocates? The following brilliant idea should answer that:
Guns + Muscle = good ideas!
A pro-gun advocacy group Wisconsin Carry announced this week that it will push for legislation that would allow Wisconsin residents to carry weapons onto school grounds … it wants parents and guardians who pick up their kids at school to be able to carry a weapon.
Why play it safe? The idea provides the next shooter an excuse: “I’m just here to pick up my kid.” 

What’s with this fear of strangers with guns around our kids? Crazy right?

And after years of being told how we all have nothing to fear from responsible gun owners, Wisconsin Carry wants to protect those who aren't…responsible. WPR audio:

Hey, there unloaded, okay?
“Nearly a quarter million people in Wisconsin have applied for and received their concealed carry license,” said Nik Clark, the group’s president. “Should they forget to unload their gun and put it in a case before they so much as drive onto a school driveway in their own car to pick up their kids from the school — that's pretty offensive that they could potentially be charged with a felony."
I guess if your unloaded gun isn't in a case, and you've got a few magazines under your belt or in your pockets, why would anybody assume the worst?

Lazy Right Wing thoughts about Voucher Subsidies.

The guy who heads up a conservative lawsuit mill should leave the dumb right wing punditry up to the "professionals."

Rick Esenberg, President and General Counsel of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (more below) and an adjunct professor of law at Marquette University Law School (a frightening thought), agreed with more recent lunacy written by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Christian Schneider:
One of the oddest arguments made about school choice is, as argued here, that it is a "subsidy for the wealthy ..." and somehow enriches ... Christian Schneider pointed out money sent to educate choice students in private schools do not necessarily "cost" the public schools anything. This is because, if the choice program were eliminated, not only tax dollars would return to the public schools. So would the students. Depending on what it would cost the public schools to educate these students, the end of choice would not benefit public schools at all."
Yea, he's a law professor, not an accountant, but still. Perhaps Esenberg and Schneider think school buildings, energy costs, maintenance, taxes etc. aren't included in those student subsidies, the ones stripped away by vouchers?
LaCrosseTribune: Rural districts with wide geographical boundaries shoulder heavier busing costs. Growing districts take on more debt to add classrooms and build new schools.
None of this ever occurred to them, even though they're part of the mythical geniuses known as "fiscal conservatives." Esenberg even went further down-the-rabbit-hole with this gem:
Asking schools to educate kids for amounts well below the average spent in public schools is not a recipe for building wealth. (To be sure, one may be able to find examples of school operators misusing funds but public funds get misused as well. Sadly, such is human nature.) One might make the argument that taxpayers have been "enriched" because children in choice schools receive an education for less than they do in public schools.
Wonderful. After all the whining about misused public school funding, Esenberg is okay with starting a new private school system with the same misused funds? Brilliant.

Perhaps Esenberg and Schneider were unaware of it, or are trying to hide the fact, that voucher advocates are trying to get the same student subsidy as the public schools. Let me see...(click, click, click...) that works out to no taxpayer savings in the "enriched" voucher school systems.

After reading this, I'm sure you've figured out that Esenberg is a highly partisan political opportunist. He's president of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, a lawsuit mill exploiting our sharply conservative activist courts to shape our laws and constitution into jumbled word salad of ever changing Humpty Dumptyisms. And he's teaching our kids. Right wingers would call that "indoctrination."

Grothman, Fitzgerald don't give a rats-ass about voters! Why should they?

The flat-out arrogance we're seeing from Senators Glenn Grothman and Scott Fitzgerald should see some kind of voter blowback, if just to send a message the electorate still counts in this representative democracy. 

But the breathlessly angry Borg-like "stand with Walker" base, who have been herded into the fantasy bubble world of know-it-all "leaders" and mounting Ebola threats, don't seem to care.

In today's get-to-know your candidates profile in the 6th District, Sen. Scott Fitzgerald refused to participate:
Michelle Zahn, the owner of a mail-order specialty soap company, is challenging five-term incumbent Scott L. Fitzgerald for his state Senate seat … Fitzgerald’s campaign declined to supply information for this article.
And why should he, he's a leader?

Even more egregious is the sudden complete disappearance of media darling Sen. Glenn Grothman, running for a congressional seat against Democrat Mark Harris.
Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris has participated in two debates that Grothman declined to attend. Staying out of the spotlight is an unusual approach for Grothman, who's known for making bold, often polarizing statements. But in addition to declining debates, he's also been unusually unavailable to media. "Grothman has largely gone quiet, taking a low-key approach to campaigning and avoiding making any eyebrow-raising statements,wrote Amanda Terkel for the Huffington Post.
The less you know, the better? Grothman's strategy says more about the partisan and irresponsible nature of conservative voters. Republican constituents don't need anything but and (R) next to the candidates name.

The wonkish fiscal brilliance of Mark Harris doesn't hold a candle to Grothman's vision on the real issues:
Glenn Grothman on Equal Pay Rights: "You could argue that money is more important for men. I think a guy in their first job, maybe because they expect to be a breadwinner someday, may be a little more money-conscious. To attribute everything to a so-called bias in the workplace is just not true." Source: The Daily Beast

Glenn Grothman on Single-Parenthood: "A controversial bill targeting single parents came to the table at the Senate Committee on Public Health, Human Services and Revenue public hearing in Wisconsin this week. State senator Glenn Grothman, an admitted opponent of the social welfare establishment that he believes encourages women to have children out of wedlock, introduced Senate Bill 507, which would formally consider single parenthood a contributing factor to child abuse, if passed into law. SB507 would require the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board to emphasize that non-marital parenthood is a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect." Source: The Huffington Post

Glenn Grothman on women in the workforce: "Also, and any big company will tell you this, they're doing what they can to promote the women ahead of the men. Now in addition to the fact that that leads to a little bit of chicanery as people pretend the woman's owning the company when the guy's owning the company. In the long run a lot of women like to stay at home and have their husbands be the primary bread winner. You have to ask yourself in this country can we continue to exist if we have a government that is actively discouraging the government or the businesses from hiring men? And that's a very sensitive iss ue but that's what's going on in America today. It's another issue that nobody is tackling." Source: Washington County Tea Party Rally, August 2010

Glenn Grothman on sex education: "Why sit down with 7th graders and say to some you will be heterosexual, some homosexual? Part of that agenda which is left unsaid is that some of those who throw it out as an option would like it if more kids became homosexuals," he said. Source: Madison Capital Times 
The above examples were put together by Harris for the web site  "The Real Glenn Grothman." 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Burke Destroys Walker's Big Medicaid Expansion Lie, as Journal Sentinel reporters get schooled.

Scott Walker is protecting us from a broken federal government that keeps reneging on their Medicaid funding. Walker says it's worth giving up hundreds of millions of dollar now and billions long term so we're not left holding the bag. Walker based the rejection on a wildly ridiculous story that went unquestioned by the press. He says they've done it before and pointed to a few completely untrue examples.

Walker lied boldly, convincingly. The ultimate con man. First the debunking facts from way back in February:
There’s a major problem in Walker’s contention. The federal share -- known as the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage, or FMAP, fluctuates annually and varies from state to state based on a formula dating to Medicaid’s inception in 1965 … "designed so that the federal government pays a larger portion of Medicaid costs in states with lower per-capita incomes relative to the national average.”

In other words, the standard federal share of Medicaid costs is not promised or guaranteed to hold steady; it must only stay between the statutory minimum of 50 percent and maximum of 83 percent. In fact, Wisconsin saw its federal rate rise from 2009 to 2010, and also got a big additional bump to more than 70 percent for almost three years under the federal stimulus law and a subsequent legislative action, both of which applied nationally.
So instead of the state spending just 10% after three three years at 0%, we're paying around 40%. Sounds career politician-ish, doesn't it? Even after PoltiFact's debunking, Walker still went on the following short irrational rant yesterday that even he seems to believe. I don't:

Today, Mary Burke was asked about Medicaid expansion too. She smartly brought up PoltiFact in a very convincing, bold way, making the reporter look deservedly stupid:

Revealed: Incidental Governor Walker serves up Word Salad Non-Answers.

This is a test: Try to pull a clear "sound bite" position from any one of Scott Walker's non-answers.

We're going to look at the reason why Scott Walker won reelection in Milwaukee as their County Executive, and why he could win reelection as governor.

Walker earned the name "incidental governor" way back as county executive when he forced the board to raise taxes for him. He's still playing it safe, this time letting the legislature send him radically right wing bills he claims were never on his radar.

It was the Journal Sentinel's gift to Wisconsinites when their editorial board peppered Walker with a string of tough questions he typically steers clear of.

In a surreal, almost comedic Q and A, Walker ducks away every time with his word salad non-answers. Seriously, its as slick a con as you'll ever see.

Walker said donors ought to be public: That's what he said, all the while concealing contributions by directing money into 3rd party groups. Pretty cut and dried, except for his non-answer :

Does Walker...think a fetus is a citizen; still oppose abortion in cases of rape and incest; still want abortions banned after 20 weeks; opposes some forms of contraception? Non-answers to all, despite the JS questioning. Just as shocking, our incidental governor went further: He criticized the questions because they weren't important. He backed that up by saying no one is asking similar questions at public appearances. Weird:

Drug Testing for Veterans, and Cut Funding for Drug rehab centers while demanding drug testing for public benefits: Another big non-answer:

Minimum Wage: Walker says raising the minimum wage doesn't serve a purpose, ignores the massive low wage economy we have right NOW by offering dreams of abundant high wage jobs in the future, and tried to reshape poll responses to the simple question about raising the minimum wage. Amazingly, non-answers to all questions.
The biggest problem with the job market seems to be newly created jobs that pay less, on the whole, than the jobs that have disappeared.
Walker undercuts, and even contradicts his election year pursuit of creating high wage jobs, in a story he told about a woman who had her pay cut before losing her job. That's an honest look at today's jobs market:

Earned Income Tax Credit: Walker increased taxes on the working poor by reducing their EITC. His reason? Walker blames the poor for supposedly seeking low wage jobs so they can keep their public benefits. Hold on there. That's what big businesses like WalMart are doing right now. It's one big upside down non-answer:

Again, he's got no clearly stated position. Walker dispenses word salads that say nothing, leaving him free to avoid being identified with the right wing agenda he's forced to sign into law. Poor guy, he could use four more years.