Thursday, September 22, 2022

Can Democrats govern or is everything they do a "Political Stunt," like Vos Republicans claim?

 Ah, Democratic political stunts never get old. 

Referendum on Abortion, take it slow says Johnson: Again, I have a complaint about media reporters, who are more than willing to accept "desperate political stunt" and "election year gimmick" as an answer to questions about why they oppose to anything Gov. Evers does. The answer should be, "No, really, what's your objection?" 

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers is calling lawmakers into session to take up a constitutional amendment allowing statewide referendums, citing support from Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson for a public vote on the issue of abortion. Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu, the legislative leaders called the proposal a "desperate political stunt"
Vos and LeMahieu did not claim Ron Johnson's call for a referendum a "desperate political stunt" did they? 

Realizing he wants the same thing as a Democrat, Johnson's horrified response came instantly:

GOP Grip on Power vs State Referendums, and Dems Govern through Political Stunts?: WI MAGA Republicans, all of them, have use "political stunt" stupidity before, and it worked, no one asked them for their real opposition to Evers ideas:
Empower Wisconsin June 24, 2022: Republicans made quick work of ending Gov. Tony Evers’ “special session” on Wisconsin’s abortion law, calling it what it was: a political stunt. Republican leadership gaveled in and gaveled out, consigning another of Evers’ political charades to the circular file.


While Republicans' rewritten budget boosted state funding for schools, schools did not actually see more money as a result. Evers blasted the Republican-controlled Legislature for stripping out much of the education funding he proposed in his 2019-20 and 2021-22 budgets. Rep. Mark Born (R-Beaver Dam) dismissed Tuesday's announcement as a political stunt.

Gov. Tony Evers announced he was directing the state’s Departments of Justice and Administration to pursue taxpayer-funded lawsuits against employers who process PFAS – in their production.

“Today’s announcement is an unfortunate political stunt,” said WMC President & CEO Kurt Bauer.


Evers' plan calls for a $150 refund to every Wisconsin taxpayer, along with tax breaks for child care and family caregiving … Republicans have called the plan an election-year gimmick.
Of course, our WI MAGA Republicans would never think of a political stunt...oh wait, there was the Gableman "investigation" that jazzed up MAGA voters. Hmm, I was forced to help pay for that fiasco, but MAGA's think it's unfair to be forced to pay for college loan forgiveness.   

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