Thursday, August 4, 2022

Will WI see "Don't Say Gay" law and crackdown on public schools that dare teach History. Oklahoma is the warning shot...

Arizona decided a child's education is ripe for experimentation by throwing the responsibility of learning to parents, giving them the power to spend taxpayer money on whatever kind of education they feel good about. What could go wrong? The scheme is obvious; blow up public schools. But parents will someday find out that their vouchers will not cover the tuition costs schools will eventually jack up, because they can. Surprise!

Losing Accreditation! Red state MAGA Republican legislatures have another big weapon/big lie to push; critical race theory. With the help of "Don't Say Gay" state laws, GOP legislatures can threaten a districts accreditation. What happens then, disbanding the district?

When a school loses their accreditation, they will lose out on federal and state funding. In addition, a college or university may not recognize a diploma or credits from an unaccredited high school. Students could be denied admission to colleges and universities and/or may be required to take remedial courses to make sure they are on track. Students of these schools will also be ineligible for scholarships when preparing for college.
Oklahoma says teacher implicit bias training degrades students' education. How? It only took one "offended" right wing complaint. EdWeek:

The state board of education downgraded the accreditation for Tulsa Public Schools, Oklahoma’s largest district, because of a teacher’s complaint about staff training on implicit bias, which the teacher claimed “shamed white people.”

There is a lawsuit trying to stop HB1775, this anti-critical race theory law, saying it's vague and overbroad, and impinges upon freedom of speech. I would think you would have to show actual harm, including a negative impact on student learning, which would seem impossible to prove. 

Republican lawmakers in more than 40 states have proposed some version of Oklahoma’s law.

 Insane and utter nonsense is now being used to punish educators, like this... 

Board member Brian Bobek, who proposed the harsher demotion, said downgraded accreditation was warranted because whoever took Tulsa’s implicit bias staff training is now going to be potentially biased.
Huh? Potentially, but maybe not? Oh, it's gets more ridiculous and again, impossible to prove this had any kind of negative outcome:
“We’ve seen this district—not only with 1775 but in other ways—violate the opportunity for the students to get exceptional quality education,” said another board member, Estela Hernandez. “Accredited with warning is sufficient in this case, because we need to send a message.”
Here's an example of "implicit bias" training that will negatively impact a student's learning:
The slide show audio (for teachers) included an overview of racial biases, how they were shaped by history and are present in classrooms and how they can impact student learning and outcomes if left unchecked. It also included statistics, noting, for example, that Black students with disabilities are more likely to be suspended or restrained, and that teachers hold lower expectations (explicitly or implicitly) for Black and Latino children as compared to White peers.

Board member Carlisha Williams Bradley emphasized the difference between implicit bias training and someone being inherently racist. “Implicit bias is something that we all have. The teacher who complained stated that this was specifically speaking to white people. But in this training, what I see is that it also explicitly states that we all as individuals have implicit bias. It’s not inherent by nature, but it is based upon our lived experiences,” she said. It is clear there is no statement or sentiment pronounced that people are racist—due to their race or any other factor. We would never support such a training.”

Or this...

Mustang Public Schools also had its accreditation downgraded to “accredited with warning” after the district internally investigated a complaint made in January against a teacher who asked students; “If you have ever been called names regarding your race, socioeconomic class, gender, sexual orientation, or physical/learning disability and felt uncomfortable, take one step back.”

The district determined that the team-building classroom activity had violated the tenet of the law that prohibits teachers from making students feel “guilt or anguish.”

Prove Harm! I'm assuming a legal judgement would depend on proving that it caused actual harmed. That would be the only way to make sure government can't just make things up with imagined threats and hurt feelings. 

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