Sunday, February 6, 2022

No Marijuana manufacturing in manufacturing state of Wisconsin, missing out on jobs and revenue, not to mention declines in drug overdoses.

PBS's Market to Market farm report on medical and recreational marijuana showed me how behind I was on the recent developments of an industry ignored completely by Wisconsin's backward gerrymandered Republicans.

Check it out, from July 2021, as we fall way, way, behind in pain reduction that reduces prescription drug overdoses and rakes in millions of added state revenue. Just saying...

Opioid cases declined for 6 months after laws took effect, but interestingly never rose again, proving marijuana was not a gateway drug. Tell that to anti-science throwbacks like Scott Walker who even after reality tells us otherwise, can't be convinced. 

Notice how Walker shifts from marijuana to actual dangerous drugs to make his case:

Here's the marijuana update...

Vos-Republican marijuana advisor Sgt. Joe Friday summed their current fears this way over 50 years ago:

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