Saturday, October 24, 2020

Robin Vos' COVID-19 Failure Exposed!!!

I have done little blogging lately, mostly just to keep my sanity and health intact, and because the bigger issues that solve most of our problems are not currently in play. 

The Deadly Do-Nothing Vos/Fitzgerald Authority: Republicans are happy to blame Gov. Evers for COVID-19, as it ravages the state, by doing nothing for 7 months:

This is all a setup to challenge Evers in 2022. They will stoop to this, people suffering and dying, to win that election.  

But just as I sat down to draw attention to Robin Vos' most recent ridiculous comments suggesting Republicans can only respond to Gov. Evers ideas because they've already done all that they could, I came across the most complete list of Vos failures on Twitter. 

This important post from Jules cannot just disappeared into the twitter archives. Here it is for all to see and understand how one party's absolute gerrymandered control can ignore even a dangerous out-of-control, worst in the nation, statewide pandemic that killed 42 Wisconsinites in just one day:


Pro-Life Wisconsin Unmasked: I've always said there is nothing pro-life about any group that doesn't back life saving health care for all, pandemic safety rules, and gun safety regulations that prevents mass killings. Here's the in-your-face proof how empty this radical one agenda organization is about life:

"Pro-Life" Wisconsin held the mass gathering on THURSDAY, and that's important, because it defied Gov. Evers "two and half week old limit on public interaction to slow the virus spread." The law and order party ignored the Governor's order, and a day later...:
…A Wisconsin appeals court on Friday temporarily blocked the restrictions.
It's even on YouTube:

 A YouTube feed of the “Love for Life” event shows a large crowd gathered in the church with many, if not a majority of attendees, not wearing masks. Apart from the photo with other lawmakers, the feed also shows Skowronski seated in the pews of the event without a mask on.
One of the bragging points of this repressive organizations is it's successful opposition to dispensing contraception patches and pills by pharmacists, so Americans, if they want, can prevent unwanted pregnancies. But without unwanted pregnancies, who needs anti-abortion groups that feed off donors and duped victims who keep these sick minds employed. And they donate to Republican politicians. 

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