Friday, November 15, 2019

Second Amendment Sanctuaries? There really is nothing that can embarrass Wisconsin Republicans?

Trump has made "bold" and "telling it like it is" a lawless centerpiece of the new juvenile lurch even further right for conservatives bullies in Wisconsin.

While sanctuary cities never violated any actual  laws, making cities-towns-villages "Second Amendment sanctuaries" is not just illegal, but claims they can bypass the judicial system to say whether guns laws are "constitutional" or not.

This is a new phase of lunacy that will only get worse:
The Florence County Board unanimously approved a resolution that "affirms its support of the Sheriff to exercise sound discretion to not enforce against any citizens an unconstitutional firearms law."

The resolution state’s any state legislation restricting the possession and use of firearms, magazines, ammunition or body armor would be infringing on citizens’ Second Amendment rights. It also cites requirements of firearms owner identification cards or firearms or ammunition taxes as examples of laws that the county Sheriff could choose not to enforce."
Really, the Constitution guarantees a right to magazines, ammo, and body armor? Yup, exactly how the 2nd Amendment reads. It only took Wisconsin 8 years to resemble far right-wing southern states:

...received interest from a local government official in Arkansas.

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