Saturday, March 29, 2008

What a No Tax Pledge Really Means Part 1

Kudos to Capital Times Contributor Joel McNally on his recent column regarding the Milwaukee County Executive’s race. Incumbent Scott Walker is one of those Republican ideologues who thinks running a business like county government means never having to spend money on it’s upkeep.

Despite the fact that everyone else in the state of Wisconsin has seen their own bills go up dramatically, Walker and fellow conservatives are under the impression that government is different and unaffected. Costs can only go down, despite the fact that energy and health insurance cost have gone sky high.

So it’s refreshing when others, like McNally, make insightful observations into this “through the looking glass" world.

Both genius and dumb, Walker can claim he has never put forth a tax increase. But McNally exposes Walkers con man shell game in a way we can all understand. In McNally’s March 29, 2008 article, he comically lays it all out.

When “Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker refuses to submit a budget with a tax increase to pay what it costs to run the county, he has essentially made his role as county executive irrelevant. The County Board passes its own budget every year to run the county. Walker criticizes the board for raising taxes. Then, the next year, Walker adopts the county board's budget from the previous year as his baseline and says he won't raise taxes beyond that."

"The meaningless political tactic is popular with anti-tax voters, but it guarantees that Walker is always a year behind what county government is really doing.”

Despite the obvious nature of this political scam artist, Walker is seeking re-election hoping no one ever notices or reads McNallys published debunking. Let’s hope he’s wrong.

In the meantime, I’m open for other reveals from those who will forever watch these rascals with a critical eye.

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