Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Republicans take up annoying Right to Work legislation they're not even interested in the incidental governor can sign.

Come on, it's not even on Scott Walker's radar. And no one wants to write the Right to Work legislation they're sure will pass, if and only if someone can "make the case" it's good for the economy, which doesn't necessarily mean it'll get to the governors desk for Walker to sign right away. 

Here are the speed bumps poor old right to work has to "overcome" first...don't laugh, they really think we're idiots. AP:
1.  Republican lawmaker has promised to introduce right-to-work legislation during the upcoming session. Rep. Chris Kapenga said he plans to introduce a bill but isn't sure when. 

2. He says he needs to make the case that the legislation would help the state's economy to the GOP caucus.

3. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said in July he didn't intend to pursue the issue in 2015 but on Monday issued a statement saying he looked forward to discussing the benefits of becoming a right-to-work state. 

4. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald's spokeswoman said Monday he's open to the idea but she had no immediate comment Tuesday, either.

5. Gov. Scott Walker has said right-to-work isn't a priority but hasn't said he wouldn't support a bill.

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  1. They sure think they are the GOP
    (Government of Power)I fear this will backfire on them,Wouldn't that be Grand!