Friday, December 21, 2012

Suzy offers Favor's to needy...

It’s nice in a way to see someone so willing to explore their more sexually adventurous side, even at the risk of their reputation. This is wild but very personal activity, and something I’m not going to hold against Suzy Favor Hamilton. If anything, this a guy fantasy on steroids. And what about the frequent "hobbyists?" Is there a double standard for these guys?

The Smoking Gun: (Suzy Favor Hamilton aka) "Kelly's" profile noted that she provided "full GFE," slang for "girlfriend experience," and that clients would be charged an additional $300 for particular sex acts.

A three-time U.S. Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton, 44, has worked with one of Las Vegas’s premier escort services, booking scores of “dates” in Sin City and other U.S. cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston. Favor Hamilton described the escort business as “exciting,” an illicit midlife diversion from her routine existence, one in which she operates a successful Madison, Wisconsin real estate brokerage with her husband, She said that only her husband Mark, 44, was aware of her escort work, but that, “He tried, he tried to get me to stop. He wasn’t supportive of this at all.” Favor Hamilton also blamed herself for being “too trusting.” She expected other participants in the insular escort business--where men seeking sex are called “hobbyists” and women selling it are “providers”--to honor a code of silence.

Favor Hamilton’s year of living dangerously began last December, when, according to the “Kelly” profile she wrote for the Haley Heston web site, “I met Haley with the idea of fulfilling a fantasy and only doing it for the short term.” However, she added, “Well, after my first date, I was hooked, and have been doing my best to visit Las Vegas as often as my schedule allows (I run my own business in my real world life).”

jsonline: "But the reasons for doing this made sense to me at the time and were very much related to depression. I have been seeking the help of a psychologist for the past few weeks and will continue to do so after I have put things together."

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