Wednesday, July 25, 2012

America's Liberal Outpost and Unionista Sanctuary, Madison, No. 1 city for Young Adults!

Madison has been described as a Democratic hellhole by every Republicans. That hellhole is now considered the No. 1 city in the U.S. for young adults. Even worse, this city, teaming with the enemies of corporate power, has another distinction:
Remember this award from Men's Health?
WSJ: The magazine said Madison was an “educated, tech-savvy city” with many recent college graduates who help foster an “entrepreneurial community” for start-up companies.
Start-up companies? That would fly in the face of self-made legacy millionaires and married into money senators pushing the freedom and liberty of larger CEO bonuses.
Its intellectual capital also was bolstered by the presence of UW-Madison and other colleges, along with Epic Systems, a top health care software developer based in Verona.

Both contributed to a wealth of “engineers, computer programmers and other eggheads” in the area, with “no shortage of smart people in town,” the magazine said.

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Gareth said...

This can't be right, jobs aren't created through social investment in public education, they are they are created by those with inherited wealth, members of the lucky sperm club. I think it's in the Bible somewhere.