Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Walker Lies about Paid Recall Petitioners, gets Caught.

Finally the definitive answer to Walker’s ridiculous claim that recall petitioners are getting paid. As if that’s the only way those lousy Democrats could motivate people to take action, right?

Channel3000: Gov. Scott Walker has been repeating a claim lately that he believes organizers will force a recall election because some recall petition circulators are being paid. The groups behind the Walker recall effort said people aren't being paid to circulate recall petitions.
You would think that’s all that needs to be said about the issue, something that could have been easily checked a thousand times. But no, the media’s preoccupation with time consuming pointless debates treats every fiction and lie like an actual argument. Here’s Scott Walker:
"I've assumed all along that between activists and paid circulators, if they paid enough people they'd ultimately be able to get that number," said Walker in an interview. 
A knowable lie, especially from the top lawmaker in the state. Yet Walker is allowed to get away with his baseless assertion...until now. WISC got this jaw dropping response;
WISC-TV followed up with the governor, to ask if he had proof of any recall circulators being brought in from out of out of state or paid to gather signatures.

"I haven't talked to any of the circulators, not at all," said Walker. "My assertion was that if they did what they did in Ohio, which was they paid circulators along with activists and they got close to a million there in a state about twice our size, if they do that, they'd be more than likely to get enough to get on the ballot."

“My assertion?” A quick check with the people behind the Walker recall (something that could have done easily since the start of the recall), reveals the truth:
United Wisconsin and the Democratic Party assert they're not paying anyone except supervisory staff. Paying recall circulators is not illegal in the state of Wisconsin. The Government Accountability Board said Tuesday that it hasn't received any complaints or contact about any circulators being paid.

Channel3000 should at least be credited with finally putting the governor on the spot, and mentioning this little additional piece of projection:
The Republican Party of Wisconsin paid a Colorado company to bring in petition circulators this summer during Senate recall elections.


  1. A completely moot point. The reich wing pay their signature gatherers all the time. Just ask Maggie Gallagher or Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage which brokered the Prop 8 and the vote against sitting Illinois supreme court judges who correctly read the State Constitution and determined that marriage equality is Constitutional. They even paid people to get signatures on ballot referenda petitions in Iowa. These people are always projecting their own sins onto the opposition.

  2. Wish we were getting paid. You have to switch over to TP/Heritage Fnd. for that.

  3. The Republican paid petition circulators in the summer did a very poor job with collecting. They got dead people, addresses that did not exist, and just plain fraudulent efforts. You won't see that from the "volunteers". Every signature should count!