Friday, May 6, 2011

Rep. Steve Nass a racist? He blames “the indians” for killing bill repealing ban on racially offensive Mascots.

Nass also thinks racist mascots are fine, as long as it’s not a form of discrimination. Nass is a big thinker, and obviously not a future candidate as someones racist loving school mascot.  
WalworthToday: Rep. Steve Nass told WTMJ (that he) blames committee chairman State Rep. Karl Van Roy (R - Green Bay).
"The indians have apparently put enough pressure on Van Roy to kill the bill," Nass told the Milwaukee radio station. "He does not have an interest in holding a hearing."
The Republican Party's defender of Mascot Racism

Why is Nass saying these nass-ty things? He’s an activist racist, pushing a bill that not only reinstates the ability of schools to keep and create racist mascots, but it also voids all mascot changes since the law was enacted. Nothing like opening old wounds in a bizarre fight that defies explanation.
Since the law was enacted, the department received three complaints involving Osseo-Fairchild, Kewaunee and Mukwonago school districts, a spokesman from the state department said. Osseo-Fairchild and Mukwonago, both the Chieftains, were ordered to change the name, and the Kewaunee Indians dropped the nickname voluntarily, he said.
Nass' bill could overturn those decisions. A provision in the proposal voids all orders handed down by the state superintendent.
Talk about picking the wrong fight, and aggressively making a public ass himself in the process. Voters must be proud of Rep. Steve Nass. 


  1. Isn't Nass always saying something stupid?

  2. As a matter of fact, sadly my school district's team is the Indians (and a school board member was just elected pretty much solely on the platform of keeping the name). Oppressed peoples should never be mascots, for goodness sakes, Representative.