Friday, April 4, 2014

Sen. Glenn Grothman gets the Big Ed treatment, with a big assist from Ruth Conniff.

State Sen. Glenn Grothman (growth-men) is a throwback to a time best forgotten, and an absolute media whore. He's decided to challenge long time Rep. Tom Petri, who isn't conservatively bizarre enough. The idea that Petri is a more moderate Republican is ridiculous except for the fact we are comparing him to Grothman. Just type "Petri" in the search bar on the top left, and you'll see why. I've been featuring all the bigger House votes by our state congressmen (yes, all men) for some time, and it's really really ugly.

Just recently in a Post Crescent article titled, "Petri at odds with constituents...," Petri was asked about public opinion polls that directly contradicted his voting record in Congress, and here's his response:
The survey results haven’t changed his mind. Petri said in an interview that he listens to constituents’ opinions and takes them into account, but he also factors his own knowledge into the equation Petri said if voters are unhappy with that or want him to disregard long-held beliefs …well, “then they’ll have to hire someone else.
Again, it doesn't matter what the public thinks, Republicans always know what's best for us.

But back to Grothman. Here’s Big Ed with the Progressive's Ruth Conniff, who relished the chance to introduce Grothman to the rest of country. It was fun watching Conniff relentlessly rip into Grothman for just being…himself:

jsonline: "I don't think Congressman Petri in particular or the Republicans in general have been aggressive enough at all in (addressing) the increasing culture of dependency in this country and that culture has led to the breakdown of the family and this huge deficit." Grothman conceded he did not live in the district. Grothman said he plans to move to Campbellsport in Fond du Lac County. He keeps his state office open on the federal holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr., saying in 2011 that giving state employees the day off insulted private-sector workers who had to remain on the job. In 2012, Grothman issued a statement claiming Kwanzaa was celebrated mostly by white liberals "in an effort to divide Americans."

Grothman said he would campaign against the Affordable Care Act, arguing Petri "implied he didn't mind a bigger government role in health care." Petri voted against the legislation now known as Obamacare.

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