Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bursting Sykes' Bubble! Outside the "Right Wing Authoritarian" Echo Chamber.

I once thought Charlie Sykes had at least some credibility. But the truth is, conservatives really don’t see their flaws, their mistakes and their continued economic failures. Their shit don't stink.

I suppose to some, corporate tax cuts and tort reform isn't considered a handout...corporate welfare. But to me, it tops the list of entitlements big business freeloaders get at the expense of ever day taxpayers.

Simpleton Sykes speaks out: In what Sykes describes as a few “quick thoughts” on a belatedly
released jobs plan by candidate Mary Burke (didn't she know there was a GOP time limit?), it turns out to be nothing more than more conservative projection. My answer follows Sykes, reminding him of a few laws passed and proposed:
Sykes: “Same old pap. Recycling isn't just for plastic bottles anymore; it apparently also works for worn out, tired ideas.” Funny, we could say the same thing about trickle down economics filled with the same old ineffective tax cuts that never actually create jobs. Burke’s minimum wage hike would at least encourage spending, create demand and then produce jobs.

Sykes: “Most of Burke's ideas start from the philosophy that government can direct the economy instead of the philosophy that government should get out of the way of the free market.” Right, directing tax cuts toward manufacturing and agriculture, deregulating and streamlining permits, and exempting corporations from liability is, according to Sykes, getting government out of the way.

Sykes: “Despite a long history of failures, folks like Burke are still relying on central planners instead of the free market.” What failure? Unemployment was down during Burke’s tenure, and Doyle was tenth in job creation before Walker tanked the number. And what would be more “central planned” than the one size fits all state wide laws banning paid sick leave, minimum wage hikes and local sand mine regulation? Or how about usurping local control over cell tower locations, roundabouts, early voting. And don’t forget the tax cuts, tort reform and help from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Odd, Walker hasn’t asked big business to show the beef…you know, the jobs. We've been waiting 3 and half years. I know, they're now uncertain about Walker's future as governor. Those pesky elections. Can we change that next time around?

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