Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wisconsin Struggling to keep Jobs in State? Walker getting reputation for taxpayer funded handouts maybe?

Wisconsin helped poor struggling Amazon set up shop in the state to the tune of $7 million in tax credits. The 1,100 jobs is nice addition.

But Wisconsin now has to work even harder just to keep jobs here, thanks to Scott Walker, instead of creating new ones. Notice the wording here in this story from The Business Journal’s Denise Lockwood. We’re now trying to “retain” and “keep” jobs, a troubling sign we’re not headed in the right direction and that Walker is an easy touch for taxpayer handouts:
The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. helped more than 500 companies in 2013 … Here are the top five projects of 2013 that are expected to generate the most jobs and capital investment:
Agropur Inc. will expand its wet whey production facility and build a production facility, a $117 million investment, along with retaining 100 jobs at its Luxemburg facility. The state made a $1 million loan to the company.

Green Bay Packaging Inc. plans to expand its existing facility and equipment, a $95 million investment that allows the Ashwaubenon-based company to retain 281 jobs. The state issued the company $2 million in tax credits.

PrintPak Inc. is building a packaging facility and upgrading its equipment, a $71.9 million investment that allows it to keep 138 jobs in Rhinelander. The state made a $1.7 million loan to the company and gave up to $300,000 in tax credits.

Seneca Foods Corp. is expanding its facility, a $60 million investment that created 78 jobs and allowed it to retain 419 jobs. The state made a $1.5 million loan and issued $1.6 million in tax credits.

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