Thursday, January 2, 2014

Liberal Money for Good, Conservative Money for Bad. How easy was that?

The right wing loons, like radio's cancer stick Vicki McKenna, continue to try and justify their billionaire sugar daddies with "examples" of liberal hypocrisy. So now, "dark money" can pour into Republican campaign coffers by corporate billionaires because Democrats are also doing it, kinda, although not in any truly relevant way. Heck, the GOP represents big money...just not all of it yet.

And that's what makes them mad (insanely so).
Nearly 75 percent of the money funneled into the Center for Media and Democracy during 2011 and 2012came from just a few donors whose names have been redacted from tax forms obtained by Watchdog.
This was made more obvious months earlier when WISGOP tried to make Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke's millionaire status a liability. The horror of wealthy the evil George Soros. But how that money is used? The differences are intentionally ignored:
According to CMD executive director Lisa Graves … the left is morally superior in its motives.
“The question of conservative funders versus liberal funders, I think, is a matter of false equivalency,” Graves responded. “Quite frankly a number of these (corporate donors) like Koch Industries … they’re advancing not just an ideological agenda but an agenda that helps advance the bottom line of their corporate interests. That’s quite a distinct difference from some of the funders in the progressive universe.”
Makes sense. But this stumps conservatives. McKenna posted this on Facebook. It's laughable enough, but check out the responses. For some reason, they don't mind the idea of dark money, except when liberals have it:


Jake formerly of the LP said...

What's a sicker situation? The fact that Icki knows all about right-wing dark money, given that she's a whore for AFP/Koch, but pretends it applies to someone else? Or the losers that follow her and can't spend $5 to buy a mirror to look at the log in their own eyes?

"Our rules don't apply to us." The true 21st Century GOP motto. Seeing the piggies squeal as John Doe Deux comes down in the next few months will be quite rich.

Anonymous said...

McKenna's take on dark money is hypocritical. The Supreme Court made that kind of campaign funding legal, and while Democrats and progressives generally oppose the scheme, it'd be suicide for most of them to shun the system when the other side is using it as a bludgeon. Unless you believe that David always defeats Goliath, that is.