Thursday, November 7, 2013

Zerban begins to make case to oust Ryan.

Rob Zerban (zer-bon) is back, but with more ammunition than ever before, as he sets out to defeat Paul Ryan. Just a simple search of this blog will turn up the most brutally cruel legislation ever conceived by a politician since the Dickensian period. Just last weekend, Zerban appeared on Upfront with Mike Gousha and had a pretty good message

To win, Zerban is going to have to fight back against Ryan's "wonkish" economic image, highlighting his own real world experience as a small business owner. Career politicians can't walk the walk or talk the talk like a person who's managed employees, inventories and balanced books.

How about Ryan rejecting the Catholic Bishops criticism of his policies? Who can forget the Ryan speech of lies? Or his lack of economic detail and the real world consequences of those policies. His secrecy and supposed courage to pull the trigger on policies people won't like? He wants to play the disciplinary father figure to a nation of children taking what they can get from government.

Here's more from previous posts:
1. Ryan and the rest of the Republican members of the House refused to negotiate with the Senate. They were waiting for a showdown and a shutdown to get their list of tea party demands written into the budget. Ryan has kept a low profile he doesn’t want to be the face of it in the media.
2. John Peterson: "Ryan is pushing a sales pitch for the odd brutal ideology of a fiction writer."

3. Mother Jones: 2011 Ryan interview with conservative Star Parker: “Right now, according to the Tax Foundation, between 60 and 70 percent of Americans get more benefits from the government than they pay back in taxes. So, we're getting towards a society where we have a net majority of takers versus makers.” The Tax Foundation study that includes Medicare, Social Security, and even national defense ... as a "benefit" to each American family proportional to that family's income.
 In many ways Ryan is THE American Taliban, as he stands for theocracy over democracy and ideological indoctrination over democratic education. His nomination as a running mate for Romney is an indication of how thoroughly our government has been infiltrated by those seeking to subvert the Constitution, undo decades of humanitarian gains and institutionalize a plutocracy fashioned after the Gilded Age and yet firmly set on a medieval past.
Or how about Ryan's empty argument against ObamaCare:
Example #1: ObamaCare puts 7 million people insured through the individual market into an Exchange.

Example #2: Paul Ryan's Medicare reform plan puts 50 million seniors in an exchange.
So who's plan effects so many more people, removes them from their current plans and throws them into the private sector? Ryan's plan. 

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