Monday, November 18, 2013

Trek Bikes makes Walker Blacklist, and now a reelection campaign target.

Since Scott Walker ran for governor, he’s made it clear there were good businesses and bad ones. Add another one to the blacklist of bad businesses. It’s a big reason why the states job growth has been miserable.

Trek, the nation’s largest bicycle manufacturer, hails from the red state of Wisconsin. That’s too bad for them. Like the blacklisted names on Walker’s recall petitions, perceived liberal businesses are not welcome in Wisconsin either.   
jsonline-Dan Bice: The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. — the quasi-public jobs agency created by Walker and GOP lawmakers — has been featuring Trek and four other companies as part of a yearlong marketing campaign to encourage businesses to move to or expand in Wisconsin. WEDC spokesman Mark Maley said Friday that his agency has decided to start phasing out the ads highlighting Trek and the other companies.
Big surprise? Perhaps someone will believe this too...
Maley said the decision to put the brakes on that campaign had nothing to do with Burke's recent decision to enter the governor's race. "Absolutely not," Maley said. "We're proud to have Trek, one of the good companies in Wisconsin,
One of the “good” companies? Like I've always said, Walker has lashed out at and turned down businesses that don’t have a conservative lean to them. That's noticeable in the video:

Maley said his agency won't mothball these promos of the Wisconsin-based firms permanently, he said. "They may surface every now and then…”
As Dan Bice noted: Don't look for Trek to be a part of it.

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