Friday, November 22, 2013

Tammy Baldwin takes on Scott Walker, the Master of Undermining Effective Government programs like the Affordable Care Act.

For Scott Walker the Affordable Care Act is just another Republican opportunity, like he's done with our public schools, to send taxpayer dollars to the private sector.

The Comparison-Vouchers: Wisconsinites don't seem to be buying into the idea that their great local schools are failing or that private schools should get their money.

Health Care: The same is true for health care. Insures are unnecessary middle men Republicans just love. Insurers contribute to their campaigns and love to take taxpayer subsidies in high risk pools and Medicare Part D. But funneling taxpayer money into the private sector doesn't make government smaller, it just makes it private and unaccountable.

Scott Walker didn't miss the similarity or the opportunity to find a way to channel taxpayer money to insurers, with what I consider the most outrageous counterproductive idea. Make no mistake, his idea to give taxpayer subsidies to insurers not in the exchanges, would halt reform and increase rates. That's just the opposite of Affordable Care Act.

Surprisingly, the Affordable Care Act reduced premium increases to an all-time low of 1.3 percent a year, thanks to reform. Imagine if a public option were included.

From Here and Now, Tammy Baldwin is asked about Walker's ridiculous idea. Her response nails it, but could have been more effective with an initial forceful condemnation. If I could change anything about Democrats in interviews, it would be to have them answer the question first, then explain themselves.

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