Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Right Wing Lunacy: Is John Doe 2 a witch-hunt? And even if Laws were Broken, "what of it?"

“Phineas T.” Blaska is such a wonderfully partisan caricature. His analysis is fun to laugh at, and almost too easy to pick apart. His public radio appearances are filled with scattershot ideas that have no relationship to each other. It would be amazing if it weren't so hard to listen to. 

Lawbreaking Conservative Principles and John Doe 2: In the larger context, we have Republican politicians promising to nominate good “nonpartisan” conservative judges, sheriffs and AG’s. There’s really nothing like the purity of conservatism.

The Democratic side is different: They've filled government with socialists, Nazi's, and commies, hell bent on controlling everything including big gulps? Get your gun. 

In one fell swoop, David Blaska compared Democrats to Putin's Russia and district leaders in Nazi Germany. Would I kid you....
InBusiness: Pre-dawn raids on private homes. Imprisonment until the suspect “talks.” Orders to empty your pockets to see what we can find. No, not Putin’s Russia. Wisconsin’s speech gauleiters are convinced that someone, somewhere might be committing political speech without jumping through the authorities’ hoops. That is the essence of John Doe 2. The secret investigation is pursuing conservative campaign fundraising. 
Now you know why these teabillies carry guns, right? Blustery Blaska even put a nonsensical list together blaming “Democrats” for hunting down innocent, wealthy and helplessly powerful billionaires.

Blaska poses the conspiracy theory that John Doe 2 is politically motivated. 
Is it mere coincidence that the judge at the center of the secret investigation, a former Democrat(ic) district attorney and appointee of Jim Doyle, signed the recall petition against Gov. Scott Walker? Or that the chief investigator posted a Walker recall sign in his front yard, and 43 staffers in the Milwaukee County district attorney’s office, which conducted John Doe 1 and the current investigation, signed Walker recall petitions.
Or this upside down, chicken/egg mind numbing stupidity:
This is a fishing expedition that presumes guilt until proven innocent.
 This investigation is punitive. It has conducted pre-dawn raids on private homes (as the Wall Street Journal reported) as if hostages were being held or bombs manufactured. It follows the heavy footsteps of John Doe 1…
What head is hurting. John Doe 1 resulted in 6 convictions. That was a witch-hunt?

Finally, I love it when Republicans rationalize breaking the law. And with brilliant reasons like: “What of it?”
The conspiracy to commit free speech: What is John Doe 2 hoping to find? Evidence of coordination between the Walker recall campaign and so-called third-party issue groups. By law, they are supposed to keep at arm’s length. If there was communication, what of it? What voter was denied the legal right to vote? What candidate was forced off the ballot? What issue went undebated? The heavy breathers on the left should pray that no convictions result. The assault on free political speech and freedom of association — so central to the First Amendment — is ripe for reversal at the nation’s high court. 
Blaska, like all Republicans, would love sending everything to the conservative activist Supreme Court. Getting a partisan stamp of judicial approval calms them.

And why is Blaska writing for InBusiness online?


Gareth said...

My wife, who is an avid listener to WPR, came storming into my room last week: "You wouldn't believe the right-wing blowhard on the radio right now!"

"Don't tell me" I said, "His name is Dave Blaska". I was right, but who else could it have been?

"Everything he says is a lie" she complained. Well of course, that's our Dave.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Grifting isn't easy, but someone's gotta do it.

Seriously, has WHAAAA-ska ever had a job in the last 20 years that wasn't some form of wingnut welfare or right-wing tokenism?