Saturday, November 16, 2013

Republicans stick it to Victims of Asbestos related illnesses, Cancer.

The cruel inhumane resistance to compensating victims of asbestos related illnesses by Republicans reached new heights with this:
ASBESTOS VICTIMS’ CLAIMS DATA: Voting 221 for and 199 against, the House on Nov. 13 passed a bill (HR 982) to require public disclosure on the Internet of information about claims filed by victims of asbestos-related illness such as lung cancer … including details on claimants but not their names or Social Security numbers.
While at the same time, believe it or not…:
Refused to amend HR 982 so that it also imposes disclosure requirements on companies that are defendants in asbestos litigation … defendants would have to publicly state the locations of their asbestos-laden products.
Remember these Wisconsin Republicans: Ryan, Sensenbrenner, Petri, Duffy, Ribble

From WSJ.

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