Monday, November 18, 2013

Republicans, have you thanked Obama lately for Lowering Gas Prices...?


Anonymous said...

Why? They are still way higher than when he took office.

Anonymous said...

Like he had anything to do with it.

Have you thanked him for record oil and gas profits?

Have you thanked him for the gas in your water?

Have you thanked him for closing Guantanamo Bay?

Have you thanked him for the bank bailouts?

Have you thanked him for the 92 million Americans no longer included in the labor force?

Have you thanked him for 9 trillion dollars in additional debt everyone (especially younger generations) will be forced to pay?

As usual, liberals have everything completely backwards. Keep believing everything Obama tells you. Good luck with that.

Democurmudgeon said...

Of course I was kidding my conservative whack-nut friends, who always blame Democratic presidents for high gas prices but not Republican presidents...Gas prices are set globally, right?

Silly list too. Kind of a mixed list of GOP talking points and Green Party slop.

The GOP stopped Obama from closing Guantanamo, right?


92 Million jobless due to Bush Great Recession right?

We went from Clinton surpluses to "9 trillion" debt. How did that happen, Obama, really?

False premise: Liberals don't believe everything Obama, or anyone really, tells us. Think about how dumb that sweeping generalization sounds. What party usually gets everyone to vote the same way? Think now....