Friday, November 15, 2013

Cutting through the right wing crap about Obamacare and "keeping your old plan."

Ezra Klein clarifies and explains the "keep you old plan" silliness, and how it will raise rates (thanks GOP), but also how the Republicans Medicare Part D failure was adjusted by Democrats who held majorities in the senate and house. It sure makes the Republican tantrum look incompetent, vengeful and petty.  Lawrence O'Donnell:

Rachel Maddow looked at the problems experienced in Massachusetts with RomneyCare, and how it took responsible politicians from both sides to make it work. What a thought.

I thought this from Robert Reich hit the mark:
Democrats are showing once again they have the backbones of banana slugs.

The Affordable Care Act was meant to hold insurers to higher standards. So it stands to reason that some insurers will have to cancel their lousy sub-standard policies.

But spineless Democrats (including my old boss Bill Clinton) are caving in to the Republican-fueled outrage that the President “misled” Americans into thinking they could keep their old lousy policies — and are now urging the White House to forget the new standards and let people keep what they had before … people no longer have the “freedom” to contract for the sub-standard goods and services. But that freedom is usually a mirage because big businesses have most of the power and average people don’t

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