Thursday, October 3, 2013

Outrage!!! Average Citizen touches congressman Sean Duffy's arm!!!

It's getting pretty bad when grabbing a guys arm gets media coverage as an assault. Our elite band of rogue Republicans lawmakers should never risk being that close to average people.

This amazing non-story manufactured by a once naked reality show loser is just what Duffy needed to carry his message to low information voters.

I still can't believe this is a story:

His staff told Roll Call that the confrontation was "minor," but physical. “A random individual, unknown to the congressman, began screaming at him and grabbed his arm,” the congressman's spokeswoman, Cassie Smedile, said in a Thursday morning statement. “Mr. Duffy was unharmed. He reported the incident in compliance with House security procedures. Congressman Duffy has requested no further action be taken and there will be no further comment on the matter at this time.”
Soooo...nothing to see here?

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